Chapter 13

The week that had started with too much attention had quickly ended and it is now the big holiday.

「Oniichan, it’s morning!」

It’s currently the time when I usually leave the house. I’m happily wrapped in my futon when the door of my room opened with a “bang” and Yuna came in.

Can’t you open the door slowly? It will break sooner or later. Also, you should learn how to knock. What would you do if I was changing clothes?

「I want to go clothes shopping! Let’s go out and have a date!」

「It’s still 8 o’clock. Also, oniichan is storing energy since father and mother will go home this evening. Go alone.」

Yuna is super energetic even though it’s the morning of the first day of her long vacation.

Oniichan is tired, you know.

It all started with the photo issue Monday morning followed by lunch during lunch break. Tuesday, I was summoned by Miyano-sensei about the photo issue and on Wednesday, two members of the student council invited me to join the student council. Miyano-sensei let me go after I explained to her what happened from the beginning and the two student council members were not that persistent in their solicitation. However, the rumor about the photo issue was not dispelled but spread more because of Miyano-sensei’s summon and the two student council members are well known. I’ve got a month’s worth of stares in three days and my status dropped below zero.

Shaking my head, I pulled the futon to cover even my head. It’s still time for me to enjoy the warmth of my futon.

「Wake up. We’re going shopping anyway, aren’t we? Why don’t you just go early and look for some clothes?」

Yuna said so as she peeled off the futon on my legs. Eventually, only my face is covered by my futon.

I pushed the futon off and got up. I know that my hair is unkempt without checking it.

「I’m going to change clothes so go downstairs. Boil some water.」

Roger, affirmative」

After saluting, she jumped out of the room.


After getting dressed and washing my face, I headed to the living room.

「Oniichan, good morning!」

「Yeah, good morning.」

There were tea bag in tea, salad that I made yesterday, and toasted bread.

「You were waiting for me. You could have eaten first.」

「It’s okay, it’s okay. I knew you’d wake up right away.」


Yuna said that but if I didn’t wake up, she would do a lot of things until I do so.


The two of us got to our seats and put our hands together at the same time.

「So, where do you want to go?」

I asked Yuna after swallowing my toast. Depending on where she wants to go, I’ll decide what ingredients to buy.

 「Ah, I wonder.」

She hasn’t decided yet.

In the end, the place that came out of Yuna’s mouth was a large commercial facility in front of a station two stations away from the nearest station.

「Then, start preparing.」

Okay, oniichan.」

She said “thanks for the food!” and went back to her room.


About 20 minutes later, when I had finished washing the dishes and was relaxing a bit, Yuna came over.

「What do you think? How is it? Do I look good?」

「Yeah, you’re the prettiest in the world.」

Yuna’s wearing a red skirt, a black short-sleeved shirt, and a small bag as she turns around in front of me.

「Good answer like usual. Alright, let’s go, oniichan.」

「It’s still too early, they’re still not open.」

「What are you talking about? They open earlier than usual during holidays. Come on come on come on.」

Yuna handed me her bag.

「Okay so don’t rush.」

I was pushed out of the house by Yuna.


「Hey, oniichan. Do you have something with Hirose-san?」

While walking towards the station, Yuna started to ask me.

「Why are you asking all of a sudden?」

「No, because you said maybe the issue with Hirose-san will be buried after the golden week.」

Ah, did I say something like that?

「On the day Yuna went to stay with her friends last week, I happened to meet her in front of the station and went to eat together.」

Yuna immediately got close to me and then said “then then” full of interest.

Why do junior high schoolers and high schoolers like this kind of story? I, myself, don’t care about others. Am I an abnormal high schooler then?

「I got a lunch box after that.」

「Oniichan, that’s something very unexpected of you.」

「No, we just went with the flow when we ate lunch. It’s just her way of thanking me for playing with her younger brother and youngest sister.」

「Oniichan, you usually twist any story from different perspectives but for some reason, you’re so one-sided on this one.」

「No, oniichan is just siding with the truth.」

「That’s probably your new way of twisting it.」

Yuna walked beside me while shaking her head.

「It is something similar to her punishment game confession.」

「No, it’s not. Oniichan likes reading light novels, right? You should know at least what’s happening based on those.」

「Those things are vague. Or rather, those are only made-up things.」

We arrived at the station just as Yuna sighed bluntly.

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