Chapter 47 – Who is Stronger Between the Demon King and Tatsuya?

Sugar has been produced.

We’ve been using prototype sugar as seasoning for a while now and we’ve finally succeeded in mass-producing it.

Do you know what tensai is?

It’s a sugar beet that is grown in Hokkaido.

This area where I live is actually quite far north and it is said that honey is the most common sweetener here.

Strictly speaking, sugar can also be bought in the city but it’s very expensive.

It seems like this was the case in medieval Europe as well.

I also heard that Alexander the Great’s expedition, whether it was a lie or not, was to get hold of sugar-producing areas.

But that has nothing to do with us.


We harvested a large amount of sugar beets from the sugar beet field and borrowed a few craftsmen elves who were working with Katya and started the sugar production hut.

Incidentally, the hand-riding rabbits have been addicted to carrot cake since my birthday.

With flour from the city, eggs from the offering box, and carrots from the field, they have been working day and night to make the carrot cake taste better….

In fact, Sonja is always looking at the offering box catalog on the couch and lately, she’s even taken the liberty of ordering herself once.

When I asked the farming god using the altar if it’s okay even if the one who ordered was not the skill owner himself, he replied “It’s okay since she’s part of your family”.


I mean, what do you expect from a money-grubbing god?

Sonja’s money sense is kind of strange. Since we are currently profiting, I let her be.

Maa, and just like that, Sonja has been ordering cookbooks and researching carrot recipes in addition to cakes.

 Seasoning in the kitchen has been enriched without my knowledge and I may have to remind her.

—out of money.

The savings in the offering box is less than a thousand yen…..


「Let’s go to the city to sell sugar.」

I said that out loud in front of a cart full of sugar.

I have an item box so I don’t need a cart but that would mean that no one but me could carry it.

Farming would be inefficient if I don’t do it myself because of my skills and that’s the lifeline of our family along with the hunting of the hand riding rabbits.

Because of that, I want to leave the peddling work to the elves.

「We’re going to sell sugar desu yo♪」

「Sell sugar and get a reward carrot♪」

「Captain, how far is it to the city?」

「Meat meat carrot meat carrot♪」

「Is it okay to buy food in the city?」

Only one of us was eating lunch for some reason but it is pointless to point that out.

The members this time were….




Two elves.

Five hand-riding rabbits.

As for how the business will be run, Maria, Arisa, and I will talk to the merchant guild first.

Once the peddling route is finalized, we plan on bringing the two elves and five hand-riding rabbits as guards.

 The elves that the elf queen sent us are actually elite in their village but seem to be at a lower level than Arisa in terms of ability because they are normal elites.

I mean, the hand-riding rabbits are actually the only guards.

So, after walking through the forest for two hours, the hand-riding rabbit that was leading us turned around and looked at us.


「Oh? What’s up?」

The hand-riding rabbit smiled and pointed diagonally to the right.

Kaiser Dragon nano desu」

The elves and Arisa suddenly became gloomy.

Kaiser Dragon…..? Isn’t that a disaster class……」

Ah, you mean that.

It’s a big dragon.

I mean, that obviously looks like a disaster, right?

Are you telling me that the giant cyclops that Sonja, Maria, and the adventurer king defeated before were like that too?

「Did someone buy the wrath of the spirit of the forest? How can such an impossible level of misfortune happen….」

Arisa and the elves turned pale….this time, they definitely won’t act as combatants.

「Captain, permission to escape」

「Escape nano desu」

「Hop hop hop hop♪」

「Escape escape….we’re going to escape.」

Ah, they started running away even though I didn’t permit them.

They are really free…..

No, thinking about it, they didn’t run away without permission when I’m with Sonja. Is that the majesty of a queen?

Anyway, it seems like they won’t function as guards this time. Though I won’t discuss this with Sonja later.

And then, the Kaiser dragon made a menacing roar towards us.

It was a heavy bass sound that echoed deep into the lungs.


「No! This can’t be happening!」

The two elves and Arisa completely lost their will to fight and slumped down on the spot.

「Tatsuya-sama, I’ll—」

I stopped Maria, the only combatant, from talking.

「No, it’s okay.」

Then I took a step toward the Kaiser dragon while holding my hoe.

「Well….life is full of surprises.」

And I sighed.

「But Tatsuya-sama! Kaiser dragon is the strongest being in this part of the forest desu yo!? Let me assist you!」

「The strongest? Is it at the level of Demon King Cornelia?」

I heard she’s the evil dragon of darkness.

I don’t know how strong she is but given everyone’s reaction, including her….it seems like I can compete with her.

Then, the Kaiser dragon is the strongest in this place, does it mean that….it’s stronger than Cornelia?

Isn’t that bad?

Maria shook her head and said “No”.

「Cornelia-sama is exceptional. She’s at least three levels higher than the Kaiser dragon. Their power difference is similar to a baby dragon and an adult dragon.」

Then, there shouldn’t be any problem.

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