Chapter 87 – Super Bag….Flying, Scary!

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t think of any other uses for the rocks.

This is troublesome.

Then, I remembered the pocket of one famous robot.

It is bottomless and no matter what you want to put in it, you can put in it.

No matter how many gadgets you put in it, the pocket will never overflow.


….I thought I should do the same.


And thus, the rock problem was easily solved.

I’ll take them out when I need them.

Everyone was surprised but I’m probably the most surprised.

The capability of this bag is scary.


The farming corps are farming new crops.

This time, they are planting on a smaller scale without using the entire area.

Do your best.


—Scene Change—


The heat has passed.

It’s getting a little cooler.

I’m going to go to that place.


The place I found when I expanded the barrier.

When I looked at it from above, I saw something familiar.

I want to go there to verify.


Maybe I’ll be able to get a staple food.

The place is….I forgot.

Darn, I forgot because when I saw it from above, I’m not in my house.

Anyway, let me check it again from above.


It might be farther than I thought.

However, it already caught my full attention.

I guess I have to go.

Accompanying me are Hio, Shion, Chaya, Sasa, some spiderlings, and antlings.

Thank you.

I put some food and water in the back.

Anything could happen.


It’s quite far to go by running, isn’t it?

I wish I could fly but I can’t so let’s just work hard.


Hahaha, we really didn’t get there in a day.

I’m glad I brought some food.

The spiderlings seem to be able to communicate with the others.

But, are they okay?

I’m kind of worried but thank you.


We encountered a few monsters and they were delicious.

There are more kinds of food in the forest but….there are different kinds of monsters too.

Since there are monsters, we need to find a safe place we can sleep at.

We found a small cave.

I put a barrier to erase any signs of us being there then, I asked Shion if it is working.

It looks like there’s no problem. We sleep in turn and move again when the sun rises.

I’m sorry for having you go out with me.


—Scene Change—


We arrived.

It took us 1 and a half days.

It’s quite far!

I wasn’t able to grasp the distance just by looking at it from above.


However, I’m glad that we came.

There are ears of wheat in front of me….maybe.

They are considerably bigger than the wheat I know.

It is probably time to harvest them because they have a beautiful yellow-brown color and the ears are already drooping.

I tear one off, rub it with my hands, and thresh it with magic.

I also magically grind it into power and try to taste it.


I smiled.

This tastes better than the wheat I know and it even has some kind of sweetness.

I’m thankful that there is wheat in another world.

Let’s harvest.

Harvest….but I’m alone….I can’t possibly do it.

No, I won’t give up!

All I want are the ears so cutting the stalk from the base shouldn’t be a problem.

I used wind magic “Cut” to cut the base of the wheat.

Then, use “Stabilized” so they won’t fall.

I harvested the floating wheat one after another.

One part of the wheat field has disappeared in no time.


I took a break.


When I was about to leave, Hio blocked me.

After making eye contact, he twisted his head to show his back.

…..Is he asking me to ride him?

And so, I got on him.

Ah, this is high….too high.

Then, Hio and Shion flew.

Chaya and Sasa fly too.

You can fly?

Chaya and Sasa seem to be a little scared.

I remember this scenery when we were flying.

Are Chaya and Sasa flying because of Hio or Shion’s magic?

Haha, they’re scared but I’m actually pretty scared too.

It seems like the spiderlings and antlings will return via the land route.

Are they okay?

I’m worried.

I’m worried that I would fall too so I hugged Hio’s neck.


The day and a half trip turned into a few hours.

It’s amazing how fast you can fly.

It’s so fast that all I can think of is being scared.

On the way home, we met Karen, fluffy, and the flying lizard who probably went out like usual.

When we got back home, Koa and Chai were there, waiting.

I must have worried them.

Don’t worry, I’m careful.


The spiderlings and antlings came home safely after hunting down a creepy snake.

I guess they want some karaage. As you wish.

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