Chapter 48 – Battle’s Always Easy-desu, Because I’m Strong

And then, whether it read the atmosphere or not, the Kaiser dragon, who had been watching us, took a deep breath.

「—incoming dragon breath! Tatsuya-sama!」

I kept holding my hoe.

Should I go for a preemptive strike? Or evade the dragon breath?

When I was thinking so, the voice of god echoed in my head.

【Skill: Farming Resistance Level 10 has been activated】

Farming resistance? What the hell is that?

And then, the dragon breath is spewed out—

—a huge barrier appeared in front of us.

The flame of the dragon was completely defended by the barrier. I didn’t even feel any hot air.

Oi oi, how is this farming resistance?

Then, the voice of god echoed in my head again.

【It’s a skill that can withstand strong sunlight while working during summer】

There’s no way sunlight would be at that level!

It completely became a heat barrier like the robot anime used!

TN: AT Field

I mean, I guess god sometimes answers some questions.

At that moment, the hand-riding rabbits that had been running away came back to us and started to make noise.

「Amazing! We’re completely unharmed by yako-san’s attack!」

「We’re in a push and pull mood!」

「Tug of war! Tug of war! Oh oh oh! I’ll be there!」

「Tonight, we’re going to have a Kaiser dragon hot pot!」

「Let’s ora ora it already!」

These guys are…..the moment they realized I have the upper hand, they suddenly returned and even went on their attack mode.

The Kaiser dragon seems to be upset seeing us unscathed. It is now full of gaps.

Then, Maria shouted.

「—now’s your chance, Tatsuya-sama! Plow that dragon’s head desu!」

「You don’t have to tell me!」

I mean, she’s acting like a side character when she says “plow the dragon’s head”….

Then, I jumped to the Kaiser dragon.

The other party won’t just sit there and let me hit it so it fought back with its foreclaws—

 【Skill: Farm Work Level 10 has been activated】

I kick the air while floating in the air to correct my trajectory in the air.


My body moved on its own but…did I just kick the air?

Thus, I corrected my course by force by jumping in the middle of jumping.

—how much bullsh*t is skill level 10? I don’t even know what it means anymore.

That’s right, Cornelia and the adventurer king noticed it immediately the moment they saw me.

Anyway, I kicked the air a few times and reached the dragon’s head.


With a spirited shout, I plow the hoe into the Kaiser dragon’s head.


The dragon let out a violent, earth-shaking scream.


The dragon fell. It is currently convulsing on the ground.

Upon seeing that, the hand-riding rabbits charged.

「It’s down, charge!」

「Come on! Come on! Come on!」

「Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh oh oh! Let’s go!」

「Let’s get in its ear and tear its brain!」

「Let’s ora ora it!」

These guys are really….

I mean, their combat ability is high and they are also cunning. If their attack mode is switched on, they’ll turn into madmen.

I don’t want them to be my enemies.

While looking at the hand-riding rabbits happily charging into the ears and nostrils of the dragon, I thought I better expand the carrot field when I got home.

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