Chapter 88 – There’s a Limit to Magic….Wheat!

I went to the corner of the field where fertilizer is being made.

I check to see if they are decomposing.

It seems like fallen leaves are decomposing faster here than in Japan.

The hard parts like stalks that don’t need to be harvested are also unrecognizable.


—Scene Change—


It has been a month since we built a dumping site for vegetable scraps and cooking garbage in the fertilizer production area.

I noticed that the decomposition speed here is faster than in Japan.

In Japan, vegetable wastes that are dumped in the soil would take a month to decompose.

Here, it looks like it will only take 2 weeks.


Amazing decomposition speed.


The color and smell also differ from the fertilizer that was artificially accelerated with magic.

I was curious so I decided to do an experiment in cultivation to see the growth speed.


I prepared 10 kinds of crops with two samples each.

10 were fertilized with fertilizer made with magic.

And the other 10 will be fertilized with natural fertilizer.


—Scene Change—


The 20 samples are now in front of me.

No matter how you look at them, it is better to use natural fertilizer.

I felt from this cultivation experiment that crops grow in this world very fast.

The growth of those who used natural fertilizer is especially remarkable.


Since I could harvest good vegetables, I may never have to worry about food.

I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about food in another world.


The difference in the fertilizer used is not only in growth rate but also in the color of the leaves and the thickness of the trunk.

And it also affects the amount of harvest.

Depending on which crop, the amount that can be harvested is close to two times.

It seems like it is better to leave decomposition to nature.


I thought magic was omnipotent but…

Vegetables and fungi….in other words, living things.

Maybe that’s the basis of magic.

It seems like I can’t do everything with magic so I have to keep that in mind.


It might be better to ferment seasoning naturally.

Even though they are only fish sauce and wine.

However, I can’t wait for all of them to ferment.

I really can’t.

No, patience, patience.


The magic thing got me thinking so I did a little experiment.

I planted a seed and made it grow rapidly using magic.

I also grilled meat with magic and with natural fire.


It is better to not use magic and force crops to grow.

Use as little magic as possible when cooking.

If you use magic to cultivate vegetables from the beginning, the taste will be much worse and the flavor of the food will be a little less.

I thought magic is almighty but it has pitfalls.

This time, I’ll cultivate crops and cook food normally.

However, if I want to ferment naturally, I’ll have to think about the timing of my preparations.

So far, I’ve only made fish sauce and wine.

It will be important to study the speed of fermentation in the future.

…..I’ll get to that in due time.


—Scene Change—


The wheat I brought home needs threshing.

I made a comb-like thresher with spaces smaller than the ears of wheat and thresh the wheat using that.

Threshing is easier than I had imagined.

The next step is to remove the wheat from the hull…

I sandwich wheat between two boards and grind them together.

I don’t remember how to do this but it works pretty well so I tried carving grooves on the boards.

The hulling became a little faster.

The hulling became a little faster but given my speed, there’s no way I’m going to finish everything.

…..the one eyes came to help me.

Thanks for your help.


….they work faster than me.


Gathering the hulled wheat by dropping it down from a high place and using wind to blow the hull away.

It’s a little difficult to fine-tune wind but after a few failed attempts, I succeeded.

It’s all thanks to the one eyes help.

For drying, I air dried them in a room for a few days.


The wheat is now ready and is packed in cloth sacks.

Of course, I secured some seeds to plant next spring-like season.


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Next step is making natural yeast and baking bread!

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