Chapter 49 – The Receptionist, Again

After defeating the Kaiser Dragon, I stored its corpse in the item box, as usual.

I mean, it’s about three times bigger than the arc dragon we killed last time.

It can hold anything and everything and although there seems to be a capacity limit, I can put as much as I want to put so there’s no problem.

Thinking about it, it’s a pretty good cheat skill.

If I start a logistic company in Japan, with the help of the item box, I’ll be a millionaire in no time.


Anyway, we arrived in the city and headed for the adventurers guild.

This time, we had to negotiate with the merchant guild to determine the wholesale price of sugar….

Maa, the first thing we need to do is to sell from the adventurers guild.

I’m running out of money and I want to be able to get cash as soon as possible. I’m curious how much it will cost…..

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「It’s been a while.」

As soon as the receptionist saw me and Maria, her expression tightened.

Oi oi, as we approach the counter, I feel like she’s looking at us as if she’s looking at monsters.

「What’s your business today? 」

「Ah, I want to sell something. 」

「Another death hawk….or an arc dragon? I shouldn’t be surprised if it’s another arc dragon, right? 」

She’s glancing at Maria a lot. Apparently, the receptionist seems to have recognized Maria as someone of equal standing with the adventurer king.

「No, it’s a Kaiser dragon. 」

The receptionist immediately showed a scared expression.

Then, after losing her mind for a while, she suddenly hit her palm and said “Ah”.

「You meanie. That’s more difficult to subdue than the previous evil cyclops….that’s a top disaster class monster. 」

「Eh? Is that so? 」

「The adventurer king has had an expedition in the capital since last week and it seems like the hand-riding rabbit queen is not with you either. I know you guys were amazing last time but….please don’t make fun of other people. I know it’s not impossible if the three of you will fight it side by side but….so, what is your business here today? 」

「Like I said, we will sell something. 」

「So, what are you going to sell? 」

「Like I said, Kaiser dragon. 」

「Can you stop joking already…. 」

「Perhaps it is faster to let you see the actual thing. 」

And so, I took out the item box.

Maa, it’s better to say summoning it rather than taking it out.

Anyway, from the item box, I pulled a huge dragon….that dragon head alone is already 2 meters high.

「No way…. 」

And thus, the unbelieving receptionist slumped on the spot.

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