Chapter 89 – Making Yeast…Mass Producing Pizza Oven?

I turned the wheat into flour.

It’s a brownish powder rather than the pure white flour I know.

Maa, let’s at least try using it.


Natural yeast is necessary to make bread.

It is usually purchased at a store but there’s no store here.

In short, I have to make it using the flour I made.

I’m glad that I helped my elder sister who was addicted to bread in making some.

For some reason, she assigned me to be the yeast maker so I have experience in making different kinds of yeast.

I guess her teaching is useful to me now….

How nostalgic.


I made two spoons of the same size using silver ore.

I also made 1 red jar.

I cleaned all the items and added 1 tablespoon of flour to the red jar.

Then, I added 1 tablespoon of water to the red jar.

I mix them thoroughly and store them at room temperature.

After 24 hours, I add two spoons of flour.

And 2 spoons of water and mix them again.

I store it at room temperature for 24 hours.

I can see bubbles coming out of the jar.

That means I’m doing good.

I’m going to increase the amount of flour and let the fermentation continue.


I started pouring 4 spoons of flour and 4 spoons of water.

I put it in the cool room and let it rest.

After 3 days, I mix 4 spoons of flour and 4 spoons of water.

Then, store it again in the cool room.

I repeated that several times and checked the fermentation state when the jar is around 80% full.

If it smells fermented and looks fluffy, it means it is ready.


Fermentation is faster in this world compared to Japan so I have to check it every day.

By the way, there was a one eye next to me when I was doing all of those. What is it?


—Scene Change—


While making the natural yeast, I remembered 1 problem.

I don’t have a scale.

I need it to make bread.

A substitute for a scale would be a balance scale.

It can’t measure accurately but it should be able to measure the weight of two things.


I made a balance.

I fine-tuned it by using a universal rock on each side of the balance.

I made several identical ones, divided one into halves and put it on the balance again, and fine-tuned them again to make sure they are the same exact half.

The process was repeated over and over again to make sure that the balance is working as it was supposed to be.

I am now able to roughly weigh halves, quarters, and so on.

I could feel progress.

Again, a one eye is next to me while I’m doing all of those. I’m a little scared.


I made sure that I have prepared everything but I’m missing something important.

Baking tools!

I’m surprised that I forgot.


I’ve seen pizza ovens on TV and I’m sure it can be used to bake bread.

In the meantime, I’ll think about where to set it up.

Since charcoal rocks don’t emit smoke, it’s okay to build it inside the house.

Hmm….I’m kind of worried so I’ll put it on the wooden deck and see how it goes.

I would make it in the house if there’s no problem.

My present kitchen is a Japanese-style kitchen.

I’ve been cooking big pot meals on the barbecue table outside.

Perhaps I should remodel my kitchen later.


I decided to put it next to the barbeque grill.

To avoid direct heat transfer to the wooden deck, I made a plate made of gold ore. I’ll be placing it over the gold ore plate.

I wonder if bigger is better. I made a big one with 1-meter width and 1.3 meters depth.

Maa, it should be fine.

I processed the rock into a base with the same size as the gold ore plate and the height is lower than my waist.

The pizza oven I’ve seen on TV is dome-shaped so I made it dome-shaped.

I used magic to mold it from one rock to another and bwalah, it’s complete!


Let’s perform a quenching test.

I heated some charcoal rocks and put them inside the oven.

I’ll bake meat for testing.

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The taste is different from barbeque.

I made around 5 pizza ovens.

These should be enough.

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