Chapter 16

At the square in front of the station, I am waiting for someone to arrive.

「I made you wait, Amane!」

Her long blonde hair is braided, she’s wearing a black shirt with a lot of lace with big shoulder cuts, and a dark beige skirt. Her legs down her skirt are hidden by black tights. And looking lower, she’s wearing heels higher than usual.


「Did you wait long?」

「Ah, no….I just arrived too.」

Right. No matter how long I’ve waited, that can only be my answer. I should never show the other party that I’m impatient. That’s according to Yuna’s words of wisdom.

「Then, let’s go!」

Now, are you wondering what’s happening?

It all began on a certain night a few days ago.

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I was cleaning up after treating my parents to my home-cooked meal when they came home.

「Yuna, how are you? Are you having any trouble?」

「Don’t worry, mother. Oniichan does most of the work.」

「Is that so, Souta?」

「Yeah, sort of.」

「Are you so busy with chores that you neglect other things?」

「I’m keeping my grades high so there’s no problem.」

I have no problem maintaining my rank because the others are just spending their time playing with their friends or club activities.

「Ara, okay.」

When I said that, mother continued talking with Yuna. By the way, father is sleeping on the couch. I don’t mind him drinking and sleeping but his snoring is annoying.

「Hey, Souta! Is it true that spring has come to you?」

After a little while, mother, who was supposed to be talking with Yuna, came all the way to the kitchen to ask me that. When I looked at Yuna, she hit her head with her right hand and stuck out her tongue.

Do you think I’ll let you get away with it because you’re cute? Maa, since you’re cute, I’ll let you off.

「Hirose-san is a girl, right? I heard it from Yuna.」

“So, how is it going?” asked mother. She only confessed to me because of a punishment game. Of course, I can’t say that so let’s just deceive her.

「Oniichan, your phone just rang.」

「That’s either a spam or phishing. Just leave it alone.」

「Sorry, I opened it.」

Spam or phishing aside, I don’t think it is right to check my messages without my permission. I can hand her my phone without hesitation so it’s useless even if I say something.

「Mother, did you just cast a spell? Hirose-san is inviting oniichan on a date!」

Mother’s eyes suddenly changed color as she dashed towards Yuna and said “Let me see”.  And Yuna-chan, the windows are open so can you not scream that loud? Also, Hirose’s inviting me to a date? That’s definitely a spam. Don’t just believe it because the sender’s name is similar to the one you know.

I can still remember my junior high school days.

I exchanged contacts with one of the girls in the class and received an email. The sender is the girl’s name and the content is an invitation to a date. I replied with joy using my cellphone. Then, my phone suddenly received stinky messages that made my inbox burst. Of course, she didn’t show up at the appointed place because it was a spam.

Ah, I remembered something unpleasant.

「Oniichan, we’re going to have a date manner class tomorrow!」

「No, what are you talking about?」

「I’ll cooperate too so you can rest assured.」

Not only Yuna but mother seemed to have been victimized too. Father is sleeping so he’s useless. Just sleep there. I mean, how can you believe in that, mother?

「No, wait, that’s just a spam.」

「Oniichan still can’t believe it? Here, look.」

Hirose’s address was written in the sender column of the email so it’s not spam.

 「Do this, do that」

Yuna typed something.

Why are you using it as if that’s yours?

「Very good! As expected of my daughter. Nice assist.」

Mother, aren’t you too old to get that excited? Also, what do you mean nice assist? Do you think that’s helping me?

「Here oniichan, pass.」

My cell phone, which had been messed up by the women of this house until a while ago, has finally reached its owner. However, how can you call someone before returning it to the owner?

「What have you done?」

I immediately dashed to my room with my cell phone for the time being. I feel like I heard footsteps of two people going up the stairs but let’s ignore them.

『Hello? Amane?』

「Yes yes, this is Amane desu yo.」

『Your voice sounds different earlier, did you eat something bad? I wanted to hear your voice so I called you.』

I don’t remember saying anything earlier. That’s definitely not me. I think I should use this opportunity to put a password or something to unlock my phone. But I don’t know how to do it.

「I’m sorry, that’s probably Yuna and my mother.」

『Is that so? That’s a surprise. By the way, about what you said earlier…』

You mean the email? Yuna and mother were making a fuss about you inviting me on a date.

『You’re fine with Monday, right? I’m looking forward to it!』


Then, she hangs up.

Maa, I don’t understand anything. I’m supposed to be one of the two parties involved but I don’t know anything.

After that, I read the email again and talked to the two who were peeking from the door of my room. Starting that day, they trained me for date manners until this day.

Thinking about it now, it’s pretty bad. I was just swung around by Yuna and mother.

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