Chapter 50 – The Dismantling Shop. Again


We dropped by Maria’s foster father, Marx-san.

In fact, although Marx-san is the famous adventurer king, he’s doing a lot of things other than adventuring.

After retiring, he actually started a company with the money he saved.

It was decided that the details on the sale of sugar would be decided by Arisa and the executives of the Marx Company.

The basic flow is that we’ll refine sugar from sugar beet and transport it to the Marx Company.

Then, the Marx Company will take care of the sales and the profit will be a 50/50 split.

But, well….it was decided like that first but when Arisa asked Maria to ask Marx, the share became 7 to 3. Marx-san is spoiling Maria too much.

From Marx’s point of view, it would be fine to sell products at low prices in order to sell them immediately.

Maa, it looks like this trade will produce around 500 gold coins of profit per month.

I can make the seed grow fast which means we could harvest every month.

If we expand the farm, we can even get a thousand gold coins per month.

In that case, I might need to hire workers from the elf village.

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And so, we carried the Kaiser dragon to the dismantling shop.

Since it was a gigantic monster, we agreed to share some of the dragon’s meat for free in exchange for the guild’s help in transporting it.

「Hey kid! Long time no see.」

It was the dismantler that took care of the arc dragon last time.

He’s in his mid-fifties, muscular and strong. He’s wearing a bandana, a tank top, and work pants. He looks like a typical construction worker you’ll find in a construction site in Japan.

「Ah, long time no see.」

「Another death hawk….or an arc dragon? I shouldn’t be surprised if it’s another arc dragon—」

Then, when I took out the Kaiser dragon from the item box, the dismantler fainted on the spot with his eyes wide open.

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