Chapter 714 – God’s Familiar Niz

My name is Niz.

I work in Village Five and I’m the familiar of the serpent god

These past few years, I’ve been working 9hrs while servicing the serpent god for 1hr each day.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my duty as a god’s familiar.

I never missed my morning prayer.

However, in order to live, labor is necessary.

I have to work in order to earn a living.

Let’s work hard today too.

But before that….


Drinking alcohol in the morning is the best.


While I was enjoying my days like that, I received an oracle.

It is a contact from god.

It is not something I can refuse.

There’s no way to reject a one-way message after all.

And when I listened to the oracle, I found…..




Save the monkeys?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’m the serpent god’s familiar desu yo.

If it is for snakes, I’ll do it but there’s no reason for me to work for monkeys.

I refuse, I refuse desu!

I will never accept it.


Why is a god spamming empty oracles?

Even if it is empty, every time I receive an oracle, it will “ting” and “ting” in my head.

……okay, I understand. Please stop.

Yes, yes, I’ll do it.

I’ll work hard for it.

However, the monkeys are protecting a demoness, right?

And my healing magic only works on snakes, right?

Use the leaves of the world tree?

Why are you commanding me as if that’s my property?

No, you negotiate. I don’t even have anything I can pay for it.

……pay later?

Either the monkey god or the monkey god’s familiar will take care of it.

Alright, I’ll negotiate for now. However, if they refuse, they refuse.

If you still want me to get some leaves, please go and ask the greater god yourself. Don’t get me involved.

Pull the fox god’s subordinate(Youko-san) to increase the success rate?

You are asking the impossible.


After negotiating with village chief, I got five leaves of the world tree.


I’m not sure if I should be pointing this out but, I think you’re giving it away too easily.

No, I understand that life is important but…..

It is better if there are spares, ah, yes, I’ll leave immediately.

Of course.

I’ll make sure I won’t be late.

I’m sorry to have disturbed you while you were preparing for the martial arts tournament.

I asked Chelsea, the holy knight, to take care of the store on my behalf.

Yes, it seems like the serpent god has contacted the holy maiden as well….

I apologize for the inconvenience I caused.

Yes, Chelsea has helped me several times and I asked the other store employees to back her up.

Yes, I’ll be back as soon as I can.


I’ve traveled to the south continent.

How I traveled is a secret.

Or so I say but let me explain briefly.

I used the power of god desu.

I’m not kidding desu yo.

I can travel to distant lands using passages maintained by the power of gods desu.

Normally, I won’t be able to use it but this time, I was permitted to do so.

However, those passages.

They are not something that you can freely set up the starting point and destination but only a point-to-point movement.

In short, you have to travel from the place you arrived at to your destination.

Yes yes.

I’ll do my best.

So can you stop sending blank oracles already….eh?

Things are about to escalate so I should hurry up?


I started moving to my destination with all my might.


It was already night when I arrived at my destination.

The monkeys greeted me but I couldn’t understand a word they said.

That’s right.

I can speak with snakes but I can’t talk to monkeys.

I overlook this part.


Serpent god.

I don’t want to suddenly be bestowed with “Monkey God’s Divine Protection”.

No, I indeed can talk to them now.

Ah, it was the monkey god who bestowed me the “Monkey God’s Divine Protection”?

I see.

I was confused at first since I thought there’s no way the serpent god can bestow me the “Monkey God’s Divine Protection”.

Thank you very much.

However, I’ll give back the “Monkey God’s Divine Protection” once this case is over.

If I have it, it would be convenient for me to tackle down monkey-related cases.

But I’m the serpent god’s familiar and not the monkey god’s familiar.

Serpent god, I understand that you’re happy but please don’t bestow me “Serpent God’s Divine Protection” repeatedly.

It will be difficult for me to maintain my human body.


I have to take care of the monkeys.

Yes, yes, where’s the one who’s not feeling well?

I’ve brought some impressive medicine so she’ll get better soon.

Oh, that lady over there.

…….yes, you’ll be fine now.

Please let her sleep for a while.

Also, your baby is sick too, right?

Where is it?

Ah, that baby desu ne.

Yes, it will be alright desu.


By the way, the young lady with the baby.

I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere.

I recognize that blonde, drill hair….


Ah, Gol-san’s wife.

What a coincidence.

I can’t believe we’ll meet in a place like this.

What brings you here?

You were brought by the monkeys?

I see.

They needed a mother figure for the baby.

I see.

By the way, I would like to confirm something, were you brought here peacefully?

Ah, so you were forced.


These monkeys!

The moment I tried to scream, I heard the voice of the guard at the top of the tree.

And saw Gol-san falling down with a sword.

His aim is likely the boss monkey.

Ahhh, mou!

I immediately took my spear out to help the boss monkey.


That was a close call but I managed to pull it off.

I don’t know what the monkey god will do if the boss monkey or even an ordinary monkey will be killed here.

If I were to think about the situation from the point of view of the people, the furious Gol-san might be right but the monkeys are doing what the monkey god wishes.

Even though their method can be said to be wrong, they were attacked when they were protecting a demoness and her baby.

The worst that could happen is all monkeys turning against the demons and beastkins.

There will be no point in saying they were the ones who started the problem.

I’m glad Gol-san was calm and understanding.

Ah, before I explain the situation, please give me time to hear it from the monkeys.

I just arrived a few moments ago.

Yes yes, the monkey who knows what exactly is happening, can you explain the situation to me?

Ah, it’s you.

Nice to meet you.

Okay, my first question, what are those crops?

Food for the demoness?

It came from the goblin village field.

I understand that you thought you needed food from the field but, isn’t that too many?

If you bring food to the demoness, the taste will be delicious but the amount will decrease so you thought it is necessary to take this much.

It will be delicious?…..ah, cooking.

I see.

So, why do you have spears and shields?

You were attacked so you took them.

Then, why didn’t you leave the demoness in their hands?

The demoness doesn’t want to?

It seems like this demoness has some circumstances.

When Gol-san came to the forest this noon?

They said you were greeted with a phalanx because you smelled like a dog and they hate them.

Ah, Gol-san is a hound beastkin, aren’t you?

You smell something disgusting from me too?

Ah, it’s the smell I got when I went to Big Tree Village.

It was already a few days ago and you can still smell it?

Yes, it’s a wolf’s smell desu.

So please don’t go against it.





Why am I, the serpent god’s familiar, doing things for monkeys?

There are too many people to explain and apologize that I want to cry.

Thank god the goblins were kind and understanding.

Baron Gima….the case was settled by making sure that the fact that they lost to monkeys didn’t happen.

Of course, money and goods are moving behind the scenes.

The monkey god’s familiar is supposed to send me the cost and rewards for this case but they will probably be goods.

In short, I have to sell them myself to cash them.

Thank you for your willingness to wait for the compensation.


Instead of waiting for payment, you want me to talk to Marquis Gilridge who’s the person behind Baron Gima?

Is that my job?

No, I understand.

I’ll do my best.

You have to compensate Gol-san and apologize for dragging Enderi-san.

I think that it will not be expensive because Enderi-san coaxed Gol-san….

But you must show sincerity.

Maa, the monkey god’s familiar is in trouble.


He has some rare sacred tools and divine tools.

You’re not planning on using them as compensation, are you?

They are impossible to sell since no one can buy them.

And those are not something that can be sold to the public….ah, village chief can.

I’ll give them to village chief and take the money.

I’ll use the money to compensate all the affected parties.

What do you think?


Once you hand them to me, I’ll do it.

Maa, it would be great if you have jewels since they are easier to sell.

Thinking about the worst-case scenario, I guess this is okay desu.


I’m not doubting the monkey god’s familiar but, you will pay up, right?

Not paying means war desu yo.

If you don’t pay up, there will be war and we’re going to attack you with all our might.

Monkey god.

I don’t need an apology oracle desu.

Please tell your familiar what should be done.

I’m counting on you.

Also…..the monkeys’ attempt to save the demoness mother and child is admirable.

Their method is wrong though.

You may need to educate them on how not to trouble those around them….

Please don’t assign me that job.

I’m the serpent god’s familiar.

Yeah, I have to leave.

Do your best.





Ah, I want to go back to Village Five and drink alcohol as soon as possible.

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Youko: I don’t like such trouble, that’s why I quit.

Niz: I wonder if I should do that too….I’m joking, please don’t spam “Serpent God’s Divine Protection”!

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