Chapter 90 – Bread Making…Autumn is But a Moment

I need a tool that will turn wheat into flour.

What exactly?

Come to think of it, it should be a mortar….or a stone mill like on the TV.

I want to make it but….let’s do that once I have time.

Let’s use magic again.

Hnn? One eye….Maa, if you’re just going to watch, there shouldn’t be any problem.


Using the balance, I prepare one part of flour and one part of water.

I prepared the natural yeast the same amount as the water.

I also prepared 1/10th amount of sugar and a pinch of salt.


I warmed the water a little, added sugar and kneaded it with natural yeast.

If I leave it for a while, pre-fermentation begins.

Add flour and salt and knead.

If it is watery, add a little flour and see how it goes.

I’m kind of proud of how well it turned out.

For some reason, the one eye poked the dough…but that’s not a problem.


Now put them together and knead them.

Kneading dough is a lot of work, isn’t it?

I’d like to do it with magic but….let’s just work hard.

I knead and knead and knead.

I knead until there’s no more visible flour.


The surface is smooth.

It looks like I’ve achieved my target.

One eye, don’t poke it.

Next, cover the dough with a wet cloth and let it ferment.

It takes around six hours for the dough to be twice as big.


In the meantime, I helped with harvesting.

The vegetables that the farming corps planted on a small scale have been growing.

And they are growing so fast!

….I’ve never seen this crop before.

They have an eerie color but they should be okay.

I help with the dismantling and play a little with the amoebas and the fermentation ends.


Seeing how it swelled feels great.

I knead it once again, roll the dough, cover it with a wet cloth, and let it ferment again.

28 degrees Celsius should be the best fermenting temperature but I don’t have a thermometer here so I can only rely on how I feel.


I put the bread dough on the rock rack I had prepared and put my hand in it to adjust the temperature inside.

The one eye did the same….what are you checking?

…..I better not mind it.

I set the temperature to what I thought was okay, put the cover, and left it for two hours.

I don’t have a clock so I’ll just feel it too.


When I checked, I confirmed that it’s bulging out.

I put the dough on a baking plate, cover it with a wet cloth, and let it ferment again.

After waiting for 45 minutes, I put it in the heated pizza oven for 10 minutes.


My first bread is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

And honestly speaking, it was delicious.

I didn’t even think that I’d succeed since I’m already prepared to do this several more times.

I’m glad that no flour was wasted.


The one eye lifted the baked bread…look at it back and forth…what are you doing.

I stared at it but it handed me the bread and left.

What was that?

Is it curious….no, I don’t think that’s possible.

Let’s just enjoy the bread now since it has been a while since I’ve eaten one.

A large group of spiderlings and antlings came.

Everyone enjoyed their little share.


—Scene Change—


I was enjoying my pleasant days and then, I noticed that it was cold.

I feel like autumn is but a moment.

Is that how it is in this world?


The three eyes brought me long-sleeved clothes. Some of which looked like jackets with fur sewn inside.

During summer, most of my clothes were blue but as it started to get colder, orange-colored clothes started to increase.

It gives off a seasonal feeling.

I think it’s better not to think about where they got their fashion information.

….You have better taste than me….but I don’t care!

Too bad, there’s no one I can show them to.

No, I’m not giving up yet….


—Scene Change—

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Freshly baked bread in the morning.

I had a hunch but it was more moist and fluffy than the one I baked….delicious.

So that’s why it’s curious!

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