Chapter 2.19 – A Family Dispute Broke Out….

「…..I’m back」

When Milan returned to the back of their store in a daze, Wallace called out to his youngest son.

「Hey, Milan. You’re late. I was just about to send someone to the duke’s mansion to check if something happened….what’s wrong?」

When Milan just moved forward without telling anything to him, Wallace called him out. Milan stopped walking, turned his head around, and spoke.

「As requested by ojousama, I’ll hand over the manuscript to mother. I can stay in my room after, right?」

「a-aaahh….but dinner will be ready soon.」


Milan continued walking again to the depths of their house while being surrounded by a dull atmosphere. Wallace can only say “What’s wrong with Milan?” as he watches him leave.


Soon, it was time for dinner. The head of the family, Wallace, and his three sons gathered in the dining room.

「Yeah? Where’s Lamia?」

「She said she’s busy at the moment and asked us to eat first…」

Though confused, Wallace nodded and signaled everyone to eat.

「Is that so? Then, let’s eat first.」

They started eating but after a while, they asked Milan.

「Milan, what kind of manuscript did you bring today? I can’t believe that Lamia is so interested in it.」

「I believe it is something that will make sales double again. Do you even need to doubt Eseria-sama’s power?」

「When mother said she’s going to start a store that only sells books, I honestly thought she’s going crazy, however, it is now a fraction of the Wallace Company. It’s all thanks to Eseria-sama.」

In addition to his father, the eldest son, Delish, and the second son, Quoru, joined the conversation happily. However, Milan avoided direct eye contact with his family and whispered.

「That’s…I had the chance to read it but I couldn’t figure out what’s so good about it….」


「You mean it’s not for kids?」

Wallace and the others were confused but Milan shook his head lightly and continued to whisper.

「It’s not about children or adults. It’s about love between men….」


The people around him froze, unable to understand what he was saying but he continued to explain not caring about their reaction.

「So….the model of the main character of the story is Najek-sama, the heir of Duke Sjogren. The lover’s role fell to Ryell-sama from Marquis Chrysade family. By the way, tearing the two apart is the main character’s elder sister and the lover’s fiancée, Cornelia-sama is her model.」

Hearing all of those, Wallace roared in anger and hit the table with all his might.

「Milan! What were you thinking! Something like that can never be publicized!」

「But when Cornelia-sama read it, she praised it immensely! She’s praised it so much that even Eseria-sama was unable to say anything to her.」

Hearing what his son said, Wallace’s face can’t help but twitch.

「……Cornelia-sama already read it?」

「Yes. That’s the reason why I gave mother the manuscript. I’ll leave the decision of whether it will be published or not to her.」

「Nonsense! It’s impossible in the first place!」

Wallace scolded Milan and angrily stood up. He left the dining room running.

「You…..must be having a hard time.」

After seeing off his father, Quoru turns his gaze of pity to his younger brother. However, Delish stands out and scolds his younger brother.

「Can you really say that leisurely? She hasn’t come for dinner to read the manuscript! A clash is inevitable!」

「Niisan, wait!」

「I’ll go with you!」

Delish immediately ran after their father with a grim expression followed by Quoru and Milan. They soon reached Lamia’s private room and as the brothers had expected, a heated argument was going on between the couple.

「Lamia! Stop this nonsense at once! There’s no way we can sell something like that!」

「What nonsense are you talking about! If we are bound with stereotyping, do you think we can maintain and expand our business!? 」

「Of course, I know the importance of challenging various things. However, you should judge whether it will be accepted by the world or not! 」

「When I launched the book store, you said something about it not being profitable, didn’t you? Your instincts as a merchant must have dulled! 」

「The current situation is different from that. You’ll get the church’s attention for distributing about homosexual love and other things that are not allowed by the doctrine! 」

「You can’t do business if you’re afraid of the church! They are a bunch of greedy, incompetent people who just want to suck up other people’s earnings without any effort! Pioneers are always looked down upon!」

「Don’t speak badly of the church! You’re going to destroy the Wallace Company! 」

Delish can only cover his face with one of his hands as he hears the yelling at the other side of the door.

「It’s useless….it already has gone out of control. 」

「Niisan, are you not going to go in? 」

「Do you think we can go in? 」

「… way. 」

Quoru murmurs with a gloomy expression. Milan asked his elder brother with a pale face.

「Delish-niisan, what do you think will happen? 」

「What will happen…..I think we have no choice but to sell it. Given mother’s state, there’s no way father can win against her. It has already been decided. 」

「……….. 」

As Delish concluded that, the three brothers looked at each other and sighed deeply.


—Scene Change—

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It has been about half a year since the fierce conflict broke out at the Wallace Company.

At the age of 15, Cornelia was preparing for the admission to the Clairance Academy where children of high-ranking nobles above the rank of Count were required to enter.

「Anee-sama, are you preparing to go to the dormitory?」

「Yeah. The only thing I have to do is minimize the things I’ll bring. But that’s the hardest part.」

「That’s right. I heard that there’s a limit to how much you can bring to the dorm after all.」

That was Eseria who’s relaxing alone with her elder sister. Though they look harmonious, Eseria is feeling a deep sense of impatience inside her.

(Ah…..once I turn 15, I have to enroll at the Clairance Academy too since that’s my obligation as a noble’s daughter. It is something that can’t be avoided….)

While she was thinking about that, Cornelia spoke with her in a very sincere tone.

「I’m looking forward to making some new friends in the dormitory but it’s a shame that I won’t be able to read Eseria’s new works soon….」

「Eehto….As soon as a new work is completed, I will have someone send a copy to you at your dorm.」

「Thank you. After I finish it reading in the dorm, I’ll lend it to others to promote your book.」

「….thank you.」

When her elder sister smiled gracefully at her, Eseria replied with a barely smiling face.

(Milan said that the BL book that started selling six months ago was gradually being sold by word of mouth. We didn’t advertise it but it has become profitable. My elder sister’s tea party network is terrifying. In addition, there will be a dorm network in the future….it’s really contagious.)

Eseria looked at a distance. The door was suddenly knocked and Cartas entered.

「Eseria-sama, Mrs. Lamia of the Wallace Company is here with Milan dono.」

「Eh? But we don’t have anything scheduled.」

Eseria was surprised but Cartas continued.

「Yes, both of them also said that but they insisted on seeing you saying “We have an urgent matter to report to her.”. Their complexions are bad too….what should I do?」

After hearing that, Eseria thinks silently. After a few moments, she stared at her elder sister.

「My apologies, anee-sama. May I be excused?」

Cornelia nodded.

「Yes, of course. I’m sure it’s very important since Mrs. Lamia even comes all the way here to see you. Listen to what she has to say.」

「Thank you very much. Please excuse me.」

Eseria stood up and followed Cartas’ lead while thinking (What was going on?).

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