Chapter 6.2 – Current Status of Each Floor

The Crown Adventurer Division is now being led by Gazeran. The movements of Crown adventurers have become more organized.

Naturally, Crown has a certain control over the movements of adventurers in the form of quests but presently, the profits from the materials the adventurers bring to the merchant division weighs more.

Crown is presently making more profit from the materials that adventures bring to the commercial sector. This is expected since the merchant division and the craft division are the main sources of the quests of adventurers.

In addition to the materials that the adventures brought as they pleased, if there’s a shortage of material that could be found in the tower, there will be quests showing up to gather them.

Therefore, the main request of Crown to its adventurers is to create maps of each floor.

Of course, the purpose of making maps is to make the job of the adventurers easier and for another reason.

By creating a distribution map, they can determine what materials they lack.

If the material can be found in the tower’s console, it will be installed using the tower’s function.

If the desired material can’t be found in the console, it will be brought from outside the tower and tried to plant it there.

However, that’s only an ideal situation. More importantly, aside from resources, technology may become unbalanced if they stay indoors.

That’s why Kousuke is not thinking of closing the teleportation gates.


Kousuke has been thinking for a while about it but he finally decided to stop interfering with Crown.

He now realized that he should just focus on the operation of the tower which was the main objective of that project in the first place.

Nevertheless, the original goal of efficiently earning divine power by bringing adventurers and settlers into the tower was working well.

It is even better than expected.

Due to the large number of adventurers who came to defeat monsters on each floor, there was a large amount of divine power coming from the monsters defeated by the adventurers.

The problem is when those monsters stop spawning. However, even Kousuke doesn’t know if that would happen.

He doesn’t even know how many monsters are naturally spawning there in the first place.

If there are more monsters killed by adventurers than the naturally spawning, the number of monsters on each floor will decrease.

However, he doesn’t see that as a problem.

He doesn’t see that as a problem because when that happens, the number of adventurers in the tower will also decrease.

The ideal situation would be more adventurers being able to subdue intermediate class monsters and have them subdue monsters from summoning circles.

However, in order to get to that point, it would be necessary to build several more bases before the intermediate floors so that adventurers would be able to immediately target intermediate class monsters.

Whether it will work out that way or not is completely unknown so Kousuke wouldn’t even bother thinking that far at the moment.

In any case, as for the 5th floor, Kousuke decided to stay out of the way as much as possible and just watch over what’s happening.


—Scene Change—


As for the demi-human villages, they are doing well.

First, the elf village.

The village was built around the world tree and it can be said that the world tree has matured.

The number of houses that have residents has increased which means migration is going smoothly.

The only contact with the outside world of the current elf village is through the connection to the village where the elves used to live.

Since the original village has no contact with the outside world, it has become almost a world of its own.

Perhaps because they were originally in that kind of village, they never had a problem. For now, it is okay to let them live as they are.

As for Kousuke, he has no intention of forcing them to get in touch with the outside world especially since the divine power obtained from the world tree is quite high.

In fact, he wonders how far the world tree can grow.

He asked Colette about it once but she gave her a short “I don’t know” reply.

She was told that the growth of the world tree depends on the surrounding environment which means it might not grow further given that it’s in a closed space of the tower.

In the first place, it is said that even the elves and high elves don’t know the limits of the world tree’s growth.

As such, the current situation is that they can only watch the world tree grow.


The next stop was Vamilinear Castle and the igrid village.

Since the place was starting to feel like a castle and a castle town, they decided to call it Vamilinear castle town.

The divine power obtained from the Vamilinear Castle, or rather, the Vamilinear Jewel, has increased thanks to Shrine.

Kousuke can’t believe what he heard about the condition that he must have sex with Shrine first.

However, the divine power that he received is increasing so he had no choice but to agree that the lore that had been handed down to the Vamilinear Family was true.

It’s a good thing so Kousuke has decided to accept it as it was.

Anyway, as for the Vamilinear castle town, he set up a teleportation gate to the village on the 5th floor.

As Shrine had planned, several members of the Vamilinear clan had left the tower to set out on a journey to find the rest of their clanmates.

Perhaps it was because of that, several Vamilinians had come to the tower the other day.

There are always two or three vampires guarding the teleportation gate on the 5th floor.

In the beginning, there were some adventurers who insisted on letting them through but now, the number of such adventurers seems to be decreasing. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are none.

However, at least it can be said that they are decreasing.

The igrids have settled in Vamilinear Castle Town and more and more of them are moving from their underground dwellings to houses built above ground.

Incidentally, since the migration of the ingrids to the tower seems to be completely over, the teleportation gate that originally connects the tower to their former residence has been removed.

The igrids staying in Vamilinear Castle Town agreed with it.

Or rather, they were the ones who proposed that and Kousuke accepted it.

Because of their past history, they don’t want the location of the underground world to be known to anyone so it was removed when all the immigrants had moved.

The igrids, however, have gradually begun producing special products using their skills like the crown card decorations.

It became their bread and butter with their trade with the Crown’s merchant division and used what they earned to purchase the things they needed for their everyday lives.

To be precise, it was the Vamilinians who represented them to keep the igrids’ presence unknown to everyone.

Even if they were found out, the vamilinians will protect them so their interests are aligned.

The vamilinians are the ones who are in charge of exchanging goods.

They seem to have adopted the same methods they used in the past so there’s no particular problem.

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The next stop was the village of the succubi.

They were the last one to move in and were the most delayed as expected.

One of the reasons for the delay was that they had prioritized hiding the traces of their original village before building their houses in the tower.

Those who hadn’t yet found a place to live were living in tents but they knew it was only a matter of time before their permanent residence would be built and they didn’t have to be afraid of surprise attacks so they were relieved.

The succubi are taking care of it on their own and Kousuke had no intention of telling them what to do.

Since most of their clanmates who had scattered across the continent from their original village have returned, Peach reported that it might be time to remove the teleportation gate that’s still connected to their previous village.

In addition, there’s already a teleportation gate installed there connected to the 5th floor.

Like with the vamilinians, the teleportation gate on the 5th floor is controlled by the succubi.

The defrayers were brought to the tower in order to be the information gatherer and without that gate, it would be impossible for them to do their job.

This is completely subjective but Kousuke had the feeling that the succubi are quite loyal to him.

He doesn’t know if it is because they are people who originally take care of behind the scene work or if it is because they think he gave them a place in the tower.

He thought it’s unnecessary to ask.

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