Chapter 715 – Youko at Work

My name is Youko.

If I introduce myself as Youko, the nine-tailed fox, people will tremble….so, should I?

「Youko-sama! This project is due today! Please, hurry up!」

「Youko-sama! This one’s due was three days ago, isn’t it? What are you doing?!」

「Youko-sama! Doing this one today will give you peace of mind tomorrow! Please do your best!」

Recently, I’m being called Youko-sama Youko-sama without hesitation.

This is probably because I’m the acting village chief of Village Five.

In the past, just mentioning my name would make people tremble, but now…

This isn’t bad.

「Youko-sama, it’s not bad to think but can you please keep your hand busy?」

Y-yeah, I’ll do what I can.


Autumn is the time to harvest fields and in addition to that, collecting tax, and preparation for winter should be done too.

The residents of Village Five are very cooperative in terms of tax collection but the problem is that they are willingly paying more tax than we ask them.

There is a limit to how much we can store at the warehouses….ah, this is a headache.

We need to build new warehouses.

Where do we build it?

There’s no point in thinking about it.

The only place available is at the foot of the mountain.

We can arrange the carpenters to….ah, there’s no free carpenter?

Then, for now, let’s pitch some tents to get by.

Where do we get the tents from?”

The Goroun Company….we let them profit on the underground shopping street after all.

However, if we only rely on them, other merchants will protest.

However, there’s no other company that can prepare a large number of tents…

Right, Tiselle introduced someone to me.

Baker Macker Company, a subsidiary of the Dalfon Company.

It’s big enough.

Do they have tents big enough to accommodate an army?


The benefits they can give us are small but I’ll leave this matter to them this time as a kind of credit.

I passed a wooden plate with the policy written on it to a nearby subordinate of mine.

He will pass it to the person in charge.

My subordinates are doing a good job.

But they are only doing their job according to the scope of their job.

The only civil servant who works an extra mile is Loch, who was dispatched from Village Four as a civil servant here, no, as my subordinate.

However, civil servants don’t develop quickly.

Because of that, I have to mobilize Nana, who’s scouting Village Five, and Futa, who’s managing the teleportation gate, to help me out.


I have to talk with Village Chief.

In addition, I have to ask Tiselle to work in Village Five after she graduates from the academy.

If not, let’s get Miyo from Shashaato City.


I was busy doing my own job when I was interrupted.

「Please help me」

That was the serpent god’s familiar (Niz).

Judging from the tears in her eyes, it should be something related to gods.

I wanted to run away as fast as I could but I was stopped by my subordinates.

You guys, don’t you know that it will take a lot of time if you get involved with something from the gods?

Maa, good.

Let’s just listen to what she has to say.


Have everyone else in the room leave?

Yes, of course.

So, go to the next room…..why are you not leaving? Can’t you give Niz and I time to talk?

It’s okay.

I won’t run away.

I’ll bet you my inari this lunch.


You still don’t trust me even with that?

No, we’re not running away.

I’m not going to escape.

I understand.

I’ll make this quick.


I heard what happened.

My head hurts.

It’s related to monkeys.

Monkeys are troublesome.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll just leave them behind.

There are 10 leaves of the world tree stored in Village Five but I can’t give them to you.

I have to use them for the benefit of Village Five.

I can prepare a high-quality healing potion but I don’t know if that will be enough….

It would be better to talk with village chief and ask him for some world tree leaves.

I can’t leave this place.

I also called Futa here…..that means the teleportation gate is not open for use.

Yes, I’ll send Futa back to the teleportation gate.

Go to Big Tree Village.

That’s the least I can do.

Futa, when Niz returns, my apologies but I need you here immediately.

I’m counting on you.

Please, go back.



I was finally free and returned to Big Tree Village.

While having dinner, village chief gave me words of appreciation and poured some alcohol for me.

Village chief was also busy with the autumn harvest and the preparations for the martial arts tournament.

I’m not the only busy person.

I’m not even complaining.

I also poured some alcohol into village chief’s cup.

Maa, I’m only busy for now.

When winter comes, work will be easier.

Let’s wish for that.

「By the way, Youko, can I ask you about Niz?」


「It looks like Niz was in a hurry so I didn’t ask her for details but….why was she called even though it is related to monkeys?」

Ah, yeah.

Normally, she wouldn’t be called.

Niz is the serpent god’s familiar.

If it’s not related to snakes, she will not move.

However, the monkey god asked the serpent god so she was forced to move.

「Just because of the serpent god was asked?」

I don’t know the god’s situation but I guess the monkey god gave something to the serpent god enough to make the latter move.

If I ask the fox god, he might be able to tell me what’s going on but I don’t want to contact him just because of that.

My troubles will only increase.

I admire Niz in that aspect.

I admire her, that’s it.

I don’t want to get involved.

「But the monkey god should have a familiar too, right?」


There is but….given the situation, even if you say there is, it feels like there isn’t.

「What do you mean?」

Have I told you about the monkey holy beast, Seiten?

「Ah, the beast that approaches godhood?」


A holy beast can evolve into a god’s familiar.

If it’s a monkey holy beast, then he’ll be the monkey god’s familiar.

Presently, the monkey god’s familiar is no different from a monkey holy beast.

「……what does that mean?」

In other words, the monkey holy beast is in charge of the work of a god’s familiar.

「……is there anything wrong with that?」

It’s a big problem.

Not only the monkey holy beast but all holy beasts can understand people’s language, know people’s activities, and also learn the laws of other creatures.

One doesn’t only become a holy beast because of being strong or smart but because they are able to deepen their understanding with other creatures.

Once their understanding with other creatures deepens, they’ll have faith in god and only then can a holy beast have that qualification…qualification to be a god’s familiar.

However, the monkey god made an immature holy beast as his familiar.

「Why did he do that?」

For a god, there’s a difference in influence between having a familiar and not having a familiar.

The monkey god wanted to increase his influence at all costs.


Turf war of gods.


Not long ago, the fox god was in power but his familiar escaped making him lose his power.

The monkey god, who did not like the fox god, took that chance to promote the inexperienced holy beast into a familiar.

However, due to this inexperience, he was not able to fulfill his role as a familiar and is still training as a holy beast.

The monkey holy beast is not a bad monkey but he is being pushed around by his instincts.


By the way, I’m the fox god’s familiar that escaped.

「I know. When you said a little while ago, that’s hundreds of years ago.」


「You are laughing but, is Niz going to be alright?」

Niz is an excellent familiar if utilized properly.

There shouldn’t be any problem.

If she quits being a god’s familiar, I would welcome her to be my subordinate anytime.

「Youko’s subordinate? I’ll be troubled if she resigns as the assistant manager of Niz’s Alcomeat. In addition, she’s also my assistant general manager.」


I don’t think Niz will quit as the serpent god’s familiar.

And I think she would hate to be my subordinate.

As long as village chief doesn’t fire her, Niz will continue to be Niz’s Alcomeat’s manager….I mean assistant manager.

Though it’s not a good idea to press her.


Since you are reflecting, I feel like the monkey god will receive divine punishment for disturbing harmony…..sounds pitiful, right?

However, the monkey god is acting like the monkey god to bring this matter to a successful conclusion.

If the serpent god can get the upper hand on the monkey god because of this, Niz might find it easier later.

Ah, speaking of finding things easier.

Village chief.

I need to consult you regarding a few things in Village Five…..

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Fox God: The spring of my world has come!

Fox God’s Familiar: You are too harsh with me. Farewell desu!

Fox God: Eh? What? Eh? Whaattttt?

Monkey God: Chance, more familiar, more power to speak!

Monkey God’s Familiar: Don’t be absurd!

(Confusion in the monkey world)

Monkey God: For the time being, don’t let the monkeys rampage. Don’t bother people around you. The other gods have complained.

Monkey: As you wish….demoness, protected.

Monkey God: Demoness? That’s a greater god’s family. Good job!

Monkey: The demoness has fallen ill.

Monkey God: What are you doing! Is there a doctor there? Serpent God, help me!

Serpent God: Eh, that’s none of my business.

Monkey God: You have connection with the world tree, right?

Serpent God: You want me to ask a greater god for a favor? Don’t get me involved!

Monkey God: It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll pay you.

Serpent God: Yeah right. Though I don’t know “when” you’ll pay.

Monkey God: I’ll pay you properly. I only need to take care of my familiar until he’s ready to stand on his own.

Serpent God: I know that but….

Monkey God: Next meeting, I’ll give you my right to speak. I’ll also talk to my faction.

Serpent God: Are you telling the truth?

Monkey God: I won’t lie to you so help me out this time. I don’t even want to think about messing with a greater god.

Serpent God: It can’t be helped then. Hello my familiar.

Serpent God Familiar:……(dead eyes)

Serpent God: Oh no, she’s going to run away.

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