Chapter 91 – Beginning of Winter….What Should I Do?

It’s getting cold. I feel like it’s been getting colder and colder for the last few days.

Suddenly, it became severely cold.

I feel like this world is too hot and too cold for me.


Since it’s been cold, I’ll just do things that can be done indoors….areh?

There are 3 one eyes hulling wheat.

….thank you.

As for flouring….

I wonder if the one eye can use magic as well, that would be great.

Yeast making….the amount of yeast has not decreased though I can’t see any of them making some.

Fish sauce is increasing. I can see more bottles of them being fermented.

Sugar has not decreased either.

As for oil, they’re in the middle of extraction….thank you.

And salt too.

…….there’s nothing for me to do.

The farming corps joined the one eyes…ah, thank you too.


I think I’ll just make a millstone.

Yeah, I’ll do that.

I know the shape and I’m kind of familiar with the structure.

For now, let’s make a rough 30cm cylinder from rock.

The height is 20cm.

I cut the cylinder in half.

The point is not to cut them in the middle but one should be thicker than the other.

The lower part of the millstone should be shorter.

The longer one will be the one that moves.


….from what I remember, the top and bottom parts should be machined.

The upper part should be concave and the lower part should be convex according to what I watch on TV.

I remember seeing it on TV so I used magic to cut them like that.

….the lower part looks too thin but I don’t think that would be a problem.

It’s just become a little thinner.

It should be okay.


I made a handle on the top part of the mill. It will be the one the user will use to spin it.

The handle is also made of rock so I plated it with gold ore to make it smooth so that it won’t wound the user.

I pierced a hole at the center of the upper and lower part of the stone mill.

The hole in the upper part of the mill is where the grains will come in and the upper part is now complete.

I put a silver ore stick at the lower hoe and put the upper part of the mill on it.


Ah, I forgot to dig some groove where the top and the bottom mill will meet.

I dug clean grooves with magic and this time, I’m sure it’s complete.


I put some wheat grains in the millstone and spin it.

Before I knew it, there’s already a one eye beside me.

Ehto, I’ll….take care of the rest.


The room next to the kitchen on the 1st floor was renovated.

There’s a workbench and a stove.

The rock dolls are kind of small so they need a step stool.

A place to ferment bread?

…a shelf in order to see the state of fermentation?

…..a small storage room?

I made them since they asked me but are you going to do them all?

Also, my job…..

Take it easy….I’ll just find something else to do.


—Scene Change—


It’s cold. I’m certain it’s winter.

There’s snow after all.

Thinking about it, I neither see Shuri nor boss-san.

When I looked for boss-san….she got a little smaller and she with the spiderlings and chibi spiders in the 2nd basement sleeping.

Are they hibernating?

Does that mean that Shuri is hibernating underground too?

I haven’t seen her in the morning or afternoon so perhaps she does.

That means I won’t see them for some time.


They were there during dinner.

I guess they’re not hibernating.

Tonight, I made karaage….could it be…

….anyway, it only means I have to make more food now.


The kitchen in my house has its limitations.

While frying, I decided that it would be best to remodel it.

The farming corps is helping me but there are too few places where we could fry.

Let’s do our best to remodel it.

….I got burned when I tried eating while cooking though they were delicious.

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Karaage, teriyaki, koshouyaki, mushiyaki, fried pork, char siu.

Deep-fried eggplant, karikariyaki, hasamiyaki, simmered eggplant.

Deep-fried radish, sweet and spicy radish, simmered radish.

Shuri and boss-san’s family stopped hibernating and were woken up by the menu.

Boss-san’s family likes eggplant dishes while Shuri’s family likes radish dishes. As for meat, both of them love it.

They’re not hibernating!

However, in all other cases, they don’t wake up….is this some kind of hibernation?

Either way, they have great sense of smell. That’s what I thought when I watch the chibi ants and chibi spiderlings fighting over food.

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