Chapter 716 – Tiselle at the Royal Castle

My name is Tiselle.

An angel girl who thinks of her father with regards to everything first.

I’m eating my breakfast while bracing myself to do my best today.

Yeah, delicious.

「Tiselle, you used Gol-nii’s family again. It has only been a few years since they got married so hold back a little.」

This gentle man who’s eating breakfast with me is Alfred-oniisama.

I call him Al-nii.

Al-nii is so worried about me that he never leaves me alone except in my room and the toilet.

He always asks someone to accompany me.

I think he’s a little overprotective.

「Not just Gol-nii. She’s also asking Sil-nii and Bron-nii to do something for her.」

This strangely charismatic woman who’s eating breakfast together with us is Ursa-aneesama.

I call her Ur-nee.

Ur-nee is also worried about me and will not leave me alone.

I can feel love from both of them.

Physically, by a rope tied on my waist.

Can love be physically felt?

Isn’t it supposed to be more spiritual?

By the way, the end of the rope is connected to Uncle Demon King.

「Ah, Alfred and Ursa. The reason why Tiselle used Gol’s family is because of my request. Will you please overlook it?」

As expected of Al-nii and Ur-nee, since it was Uncle Demon King who said that, they treated it as something that can’t be helped and did not say anything more.



Al-nii and Ur-nee are staring at the rope that connects me and Uncle Demon King.

Did they find out that I pulled the rope to send signal for help to Uncle Demon King?

They both let out a long sigh at the same time.

They found out alright.

As expected of Al-nii and Ur-nee.

Let’s praise them for their superb observation skills.

However, the reason why Al-nii and Ur-nee did not say anything is because in addition to Uncle Demon King, his wife, the school principal, is having breakfast with us.

Given how amiable Uncle Demon King and his wife’s relationship is, she’ll definitely back up a cute girl like me too.

「Alfred-san, Ursa-san, don’t mind me. Scold her as much as you want.」


The principal noticed it too?

And Uncle Demon King, I know you’re scared of your wife but don’t pull the rope to ask me for help that much.



I was scolded for a long time.

It only means I have to do better.

I’ll do my best.

「Tiselle, we should get going.」

Uncle Demon King said that as he stood up.

Everyone had already eaten breakfast.

They ate while scolding me.

I ride on Uncle Demon King’s shoulder and head to the royal castle.

I help Uncle Demon King.

Al-nii, Ur-nee, and the school principal head to the school building.

Al-nii and Ur-nee are not helping the principal but they were mainly meeting with the other students of the school.

Thinking about the future, interacting with other students is important.

Do your best.


「Good morning.」

While receiving the greetings from the guards guarding the main gate of the castle, me and Uncle Demon King entered the castle.

Four guards and eight civil servants immediately appeared. We headed straight to the office as a group and upon arriving, Uncle Demon King’s work will begin.

Uncle Demon King listens to the reports of the civil servants and gives them brief instructions.

The contents of those reports are fine to be heard by anyone.

Uncle Demon King and I entered his office but the guards and civil servants who were with us since the entrance stopped at the door.

In the office, three ministers and one general are waiting.

The ministers and generals were from the Ministers of Domestic Affairs(Uncle Randan), Foreign Affairs(Uncle Beezel), Finance(Leg-san), and Military Affairs(Uncle Glatts).

In other words, the four heavenly kings.

Even Uncle Demon King can’t be too careful with them.


Yeah, why are the four of them reporting to me and not Uncle Demon King?

Uncle Demon King, don’t just stare at the window and listen properly.

It’s true that I’m the one who came up with all the ideas but that doesn’t mean you can just throw them all to me….No, you can’t justify that by saying I’m faster than you.

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For now, I’ll deal with the urgent matters quickly.

I’ll throw what I can spare to Uncle Demon King.

「Demon King’s Kingdom’s Eight Generals? What’s this?」

This is a position related to the generals of the Demon King’s Kingdom that existed in the past.

They’ve been thinking of reviving it.

「Those eight general, do you already have candidates?」

The generals they are talking about should be strong people and not generals who lead the army, right?

The people who want to revive this position seem to think that there are not enough people to watch over the whole Demon King’s Kingdom.

「There are nobles and governors with power in various territories. Is this even necessary?」

That’s it. The problem is, in those places, the power of nobles and governors is stronger than the power of the Demon King’s Kingdom.

You have to tolerate a certain amount of power but you can’t tolerate it to the point that it can threaten the central government.

「However, even so….we can just rotate the position to the upper echelon of the army and the nobles, right? 」

I don’t think that’s a good idea for a meritocratic kingdom like ours.

The goal is to maintain the prestige of the central government. They should be strong people that the central government has chosen.

「Then, let’s choose Gol, Sil, Bron, Alfred, and Ursa. Let’s add Metora, Asa, and Earth too? Ah, we shouldn’t forget Rigune-dono. That will be nine generals. 」

Don’t just draw people from my family like it’s the most natural thing to do.

Also, aren’t you overlooking the impure dragons Ojess, Kihatroy, and Haifrigta?

They are weak in the human form but they are good in their dragon form.

「Right. But I need them on my baseball team. What about the plan to build baseball stadiums and teams around the kingdom? 」

It’s in trouble.

It’s hard to spread a group competition that you don’t know.

I think it’s best to bring them to Shashaato City or Village Five in person to watch the games.

Or take two teams from there and play in those places.

「Okay. I’m managing baseball-related things with my personal money so it’s quite easy for me to have two teams move….. traveling and lodging expenses….. 」


If you use the military facilities around the kingdom, you won’t need to think about them, right?

「I wonder if I can use public facilities for private affairs. 」

The kingdom belongs to the king! I think there shouldn’t be a problem.

「That’s tyranny…. I’ll be killed by the masses, I don’t even want to think about it.」

I see.

That’s the reason why we need to advertise the greatness of Uncle Demon King.

「I don’t want to be too flashy.」

It’s okay it’s okay, I’ll take care of it.

Ah, it’s about time to receive reports from Sil-nii and Bron-nii.

I don’t think it is necessary to verify the information since it came from father but I have to do it for now.

By the way, the Ridley Baker Macker Company has entered Village Five. Is there any other company that Uncle Demon King would like to recommend?

If I introduce them to Youko-san, everything will be easier.

「That would be great but, won’t that offend the Goroun Company?」

If anything happens there, father will be angry.

「I can recommend a company but, can you not lay your hands on them……」

Of course, I won’t.

It’s just that the other party will figure out the convenience of being connected with me.

「If you give them excessive convenience, Randan and Hou will get angry.」

I’ll do it well so it’s okay.

「That’s not the problem…..maa, it’s fine. It’s almost time for lunch. I’ll leave this rope to Asa after.」

Is there something after lunch?

「Messengers from other countries are coming. If I have Tiselle with me while meeting them, they might get offended.」

Why would they?

「 Your mother is Tier-dono and your grandmother is Ruincia-dono. Won’t there be a problem if they think that the angels have come to our side?」

Ah, right.

The Garrett Kingdom, where the angel village is located, has always been hostile with the Demon King’s Kingdom. The angels have a stronger voice in Garrett Kingdom than the royal family.

I thought it was irrelevant because I had never been to the Garrett Kingdom or even to the angel village but others don’t see it that way.

Yeah, I have another card in hand.

When I go to the diplomatic field, I’ll do it grandly.


「It’s good that you’re laughing but you have to get village chief’s permission before you do that. If village chief objects, there’s no point in your plan.」

Eh? Why?

I’ll work hard for the sake of the Demon King’s Kingdom.

「For the sake of the Demon King’s Kingdom but to the extent that it does not adversely affect Big Tree Village. Okay?」

Is Uncle Demon King thinking of not letting me go too?

「Yes, as a father, I know how your father feels. I want my daughter to stay home forever too.」

I see.

Living in the village isn’t bad but father’s too powerful there so there’s no place for me to play.

「Is that so? You can always help Beezel’s daughter or even help Rasuti-dono.」

Mother Frau has Fracia and Mother Rasuti has Rananon.

There’s also the problem of me being bossy.

「What’s the point of bossing around Fracia and Rananon who are still children? 」


I’m not going to let me ruin their chances of helping their mothers in the future.

「….You’ve considered everything, have you? 」

Of course.

Maa, if Fracia and Rananon don’t plan to help, then I’ll do it….but it is still a long way to go.

That’s why I’m doing my best here.

That works for Uncle Demon King too, right?

「Of course. I would love you to continue helping me for the next five years if you can. 」

Why five years?

In five years, Alfred and Ursa will be a little freer, right?

Maa, in five years…..I think so.

「If either Alfred or Ursa aims to be the demon king, I think I can retire easily. After my retirement, Tiselle can finally do whatever you want. Of course, you are free to assist the next demon king. 」

You’re already thinking of retirement?

「Well, yes. The human kingdoms will be in shambles in a few years and the demon king won’t face that much hardship. So Tiselle….I would like either Alfred or Ursa but my personal choice is Ursa. Yes, she has the mental strength to become the demon king. I hope you can secretly guide her. 」

Ur-nee is the demon king, I’m only imagining but I’m already scared.

No, I think Ur-nee will be a good king.

However, Ur-nee is better suited to be a frontline commander than the king….if that happens, she’ll destroy human countries one after another….

「Ah, you saw through it. 」


Uncle Demon King and I smiled at each other and ended that topic.

I moved to the dining area for lunch.

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