Chapter 92 – Remodeling Kitchen…Wine!

I’ll remodel the kitchen.

What I need now is a stove big enough to use several large pots at the same time.

For now, I’ll prepare charcoal rocks.

I wonder if I should build a kamado-style stove.


To do that, I have to expand the kitchen….

There’s a dining room and a living room next to it so I don’t think I can do that.

….Ah, I have rocks.

I instantly made a wall on the opposite side that is adjacent to the kitchen.

Then, I used magical power to make the kitchen a single space.

After that, I imagined space expansion by pushing the wall outward. I tripled the size of the kitchen by doing that.

Now, it’s big, perfect!


I made a window by incorporating the glass into the newly made wall.

Below it, I made a waist-high, kamado-style stove.

I think this is the best easy-to-use position to put the pots on the stove….there shouldn’t be any problem.


The number of stoves is five, no, I made 8.

I also need a place where I can light fire under the stoves.

It should be hard to store heat in a large kamado with 8 stoves.

It is also inconvenient and wasteful to use only one fire door.

I should build a door for each stove and make them independent from each other.

This way, there will be no waste if we only need to use one.

The fire door I saw on TV is the door where you put charcoal. I made sure they are airtight.

The size of the hole of the stove is good for a big pot.

If I ever use a small pot, I have to put a griddle on it to prevent the pot from falling down.

I plated the entire stove with silver ore to prevent burns completing an 8 stove big kamado.


Next to that are three barbeque grills and three pizza ovens.

The entire wall was filled.

That’s something I shouldn’t worry about!


I made a washing area on the opposite side of the kamado.

…..Since we wash a lot of vegetables, I prepared 3 large ones.

As for smoke and odor control….I have no idea. Is that a problem?

I’ve already confirmed that charcoal rocks don’t produce smoke and the barbeque grills are only for cooking meat.

As for the pizza oven, I guess I’ll just use them when I need to use them.

Remodeling the kitchen, complete.


I was kind of nervous about setting fire the first time but no problem occurred when we tested it.

Koa and Chai were hanging around the barbeque grill.

Ai and the squirrels are wandering around the pizza ovens.

When they were done happily inspecting the new kitchen, they all gathered at the dining room and living room next door.

As for Shuri and boss-san’s family….

Don’t stick to the ceiling!

Even if you have web, it’s not safe to hang in there!


My impression of the kamado when we tried cooking….

The whole room became too hot due to a large number of heat sources.

This is a problem that needs to be improved.

I can use magic to lower the temperature in an instant but that will also lower the temperature of the stove so no.

I made a small window as an exhaust to let the airflow.

It somehow improved.


We baked some bread, grilled some skewers, and cooked a lot of vegetables and meat to eat.

I made a good decision when I built three barbeque grills.

I don’t even mind that one of them is big.


I can cook a lot at once so the fighting has calmed down.

I finally managed to put an end to the struggle, thank goodness.

I was really glad because that was scary.


Boss-san and Shuri’s family went back to bed looking satisfied.

They look more satisfied than usual….is that the effect of hibernation?


—Scene Change—


A one eye called me so I followed it and went to the wine cellar.

I picked out a barrel and tasted a little wine from it.

….ohhh, delicious.

Wine is also fermenting fast.

Let’s have everyone taste them tonight.


I checked how much wine was stored.

I counted 150 barrels. For some reason, it has increased and now there are more than 100.

The one eye is telling me that they made it as I showed them….it is also asking for my impression.

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There are 3 different types of grape wine.

All of them are delicious….making them is a good decision.

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