Chapter 18

She said she had seen most of the places she wanted to see here last time she was here so she’s fine wherever I wanted to go. If you just forgot to buy an apron the other day, you didn’t even need to ask me to come with you, did you? I almost told her that she should have just come here with Ashi-san as if they went for a stroll after school. Maa, that’s not the problem now but where to go.

As I was thinking, I looked at my watch. It is past 12:30.

「There’s a coffee shop that serves lunch that we usually go to. How about we go there for lunch? It’s lunchtime after all.」

「Yeah, it’s time for lunch. Let’s do that but, won’t that place be crowded?」

「It’s a quiet place in a residential area so I don’t think it will be that crowded.」

「It’s settled then.」

When we were walking, we passed by a few restaurants but they were all full because it was lunchtime on a holiday weekend and there were even lines of people waiting to get in.

I’m glad that I didn’t bother to suggest eating here. It would have been awkward if we had nothing to talk about while we were waiting. There are stories of people who go on dates at amusement parks breaking up because of silence while waiting for rides. If we were to wait there, the atmosphere could be worse.

We walked away from the hustle and bustle of the station and entered a quiet residential area. We arrived at our coffee shop destination in less than ten minutes.

It was a little more crowded than usual but fortunately, there were seats available. We were guided to our seats.

「This coffee has a nice atmosphere.」

「It was good that they had a vacant table too. What do you want to eat?」

I handed the menu to Hirose-san.

「It’s hard to decide. They all look good.」

「No matter which one you’ll choose, you will not regret it. The serving is bigger than usual but I can guarantee that it’s delicious.」

I’ve been coming here for a while now and the food is delicious. I said the serving was big but a girl can just order something light.

「I’ve decided. What about Amane? 」

「I’ve decided too. I’ll call the clerk.」

When I call out to the clerk, Hirose points to the menu and orders.

「Japanese carbonara with café au lait lunch set please.」

「Mixed seafood tomato pasta and any kind of drinks.」

It is time for the after-ordering chat.

「Pasta serving here is big. Are you going to be alright?」

「I kind of eat a little more than other girls. I can’t eat less like other girls since I’ll run out of energy when I’m dealing with my little brother and sister. Do you prefer a girl who eats less?」

I understand. Come to think of it, Iori-chan said something about it the other day. Why are small children so full of energy? Even if you can overpower them, you can’t match their almost infinite physical strength.

「To be honest, I think a girl who eats deliciously is a hundred times better than a girl who looks super attractive but doesn’t eat much. Well, I cook food every day so I would prefer someone who has a good appetite.」

「Amane still cooks even during holidays?」

「Well, yeah. Mother is enjoying the holidays with Yuna. Ah, but we were very busy in the kitchen together yesterday.」

Yesterday, I didn’t have a date manners course which I basically don’t understand. However, My mother’s sister and her family came over so we were very busy. I had to prepare food for the kids who had many likes and dislikes and for the adults, my father and uncle, who had started drinking. I wasn’t able to leave the kitchen.

「What happened yesterday?」

「The family of my cousin who I was telling you about came over and I couldn’t handle it alone. Yuna was dizzy dealing our cousins.」

“Oh, I see.” said Hirose. She truly understands how hard it is because she’s dealing with elementary schoolers every day.

After a few idle chats, our long-awaited lunch was served.

「It looks delicious!」

「It is, in fact, delicious.」

After saying “itadakimasu” together, we started eating. The sauce compliments the noodles and was very delicious. The seafood broth and the acidity of the tomatoes triggered my appetite more. Every time I come here, I try to recreate it at home but I always end up feeling like I’m missing something.

The salad that came with the dish was also delicious. They are using fresh vegetables.

Hirose’s first reaction was that it was delicious but after that, she ate silently without saying anything at all. Her face was an eloquent testimony of how delicious our lunch was. They say that people turn mute when they eat something really delicious and I guess that’s not so far from the truth.

However, she’s not really eating with great relish.

The conversationless lunch was over before I knew it. The plates were cleaned up and after-lunch drinks were served on the table.

「That was really good.」

「I’m glad you were satisfied. You really ate it all.」

「I told you I eat a lot.」

「Looks like it.」

She didn’t lie, she really ate it all. However, where did she store it in that slender body of hers? I swallowed down the stupid thought that came to my mind with a cup of coffee to clear my mouth and head.

「What are we going to do after this?」

「It’s still too early to go home so why don’t we take a look around? If there’s somewhere you want to go, I’ll go with you.」

「Let’s just take a stroll then.」


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