Chapter 52 – The Kaiser Dragon’s Liver was Dangerous

LiverLiver♪ Raw liver♪」

「So delicious desu! Dangerously delicious desu!」

「Hou, this is legendary….」

「Captain! Grill more carrots nano desu!」

Liver liver carrot liver carrot♪」

We’re having a barbecue and the hand-riding rabbits seem to like raw liver better than grilled meat.

Sonja seemed to like raw liver too and used thin-cut carrots as condiments.

Of course, she’s also drinking a lot of beer.

「I can’t believe it but it’s really amazing….oniichan. I never knew raw liver could taste so good…」

Katya, who looks like a young dwarf girl, is a non-drinker.

She’s eating raw liver with oolong tea. She put chopped leeks as condiments.

「Oh no. If I eat this kind of food….will I able be able to stop myself?」

The fox beastkin Arisa is having red wine…her condiments are just sesame oil and salt.

Come to think of it, won’t a beastkin instantly turn into mating season mode once she eats dragon liver? It looks like Sonja will give me a hard time later.

「I’m not a fan of raw food…..」

That was the succubus Maria who’s eating dragon spare ribs with ponzu sauce and garlic while saying “I’ll eat dragon spare ribs instead.”.

A succubus would be dangerous once she eats garlic. This will be a hard night after all.

「Garlic is delicious!」

The elves seem to love garlic roasted in aluminum foil.

I recommended meat but they are vegans.

「Everything is delicious, master.」

The maid Ouroboros is a picky eater.

She doesn’t have any likes or dislikes. She drinks all kinds of alcohol and eats all kinds of food.

「Why didn’t you cook curry?」

「Is that all you can say?」

Cornelia said that with teary eyes.

「It’s not that I don’t like barbeque but….I especially came here for your curry….」

She looked really sad so I won’t tease her anymore.

「Curry at a barbeque party is….normal, right?」

I knew Cornelia would be here so I already cooked it earlier.

By the way, I cooked dark curry. I dump the leftover meat, guts, and vegetables to make this curry.

「Oh! As expected of you!」

When Cornelia smiled, I felt a nasty gaze on my back.

And when I looked….

Sonja and Arisa….looked like maniacs.

「It’s time to eat you!」

「I can’t take it anymore!」

The two carried me up with bloodshot eyes and ran to a hut.



What the hell is going on here?

Just when I was thinking why, I suddenly remembered.

They’ll go on full mating season mode once they eat a liver of a ….dragon!

And raw too.

They were gobbling it up raw!

「Tatsuya! We’ll get this going until morning♪」

「Tatsuya-niisan, mou, mou…..I can’t take it anymore!」

No no no no.

When they’re on their mating season mode, they’re usually blushing and oozing with sex appeal but this time, they have bloodshot eyes and look completely carnivorous.

And, well, like that—


My scream echoed under the moonlight that night.

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