Chapter 53 – They’re Going to Explore a Dungeon

「We’re off nano desu」

A hand-riding rabbit expedition team led by Sonja was formed.

They are all wearing something an expedition team would wear. Beige short pants, short-sleeved jackets and shirts, and hats….they would look good in a jungle.

They were prepared by Ouroboros but it’s a mystery why they know the stereotypical variety culture of Japan like the Fuji Hiroshi Expedition.

And well, according to Cornelia….the number of high-level monsters in this area is decreasing.

Cornelia’s source of income is hunting demon beasts and selling them to the demon world and as expected, she sent a letter….she asked us to give it a rest soon.

We can hunt but we have to do it in moderation…..but our hunters, the hand-riding rabbits, will not listen to us.

They are known as “gluttonous slaughterers” because they never leave any stones unturned wherever they pass by.

To begin with, it’s impossible for them to settle down at one place since they are originally a nomad tribe of slash and burn culture.

—and so, here they are, an expedition team.

As you know, the forest of no return itself is a dungeon but there is actually a dungeon in the forest as well.

It’s a legendary dungeon where many high-ranking adventurers had been sucked in and died and inside it, according to the story, there are plenty of gold and silver treasures along with the relics of the adventurers.

「We’re leaving nano desu♪」

The expedition team consisted of Sonja, Maria, and 20 hand-riding rabbits.

It seems to be a really dangerous dungeon. Maria herself says she doesn’t want to go but if we leave it to the hand riding rabbits….maa, I can already see that it’s going to be a disaster.

Their sense of money is equal to nothing.

If no one will come with them, they’ll bring home carrots and not gold nor silver nor any other treasure.

That’s why I asked Maria to go with them.

「Ah, be careful—」

Then, the expedition team set off to the dungeon.

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