Chapter 20

We all spend a few minutes worrying. Of course, we didn’t come up with a solution.

「I don’t know much about the factions of the girls in our class but from an outsider’s point of view, Ashi-san’s faction is the strongest so I think it’s a good idea to get in touch with them.」

「What do you mean by strongest?」

Hirose, who belongs to Ashi-san’s faction, doesn’t seem to know much and looks confused.

「What do I mean? I mean influence, the top of the school caste, top hierarchy, none can just join, something like that.」

Shinozaki and Hirose are still confused but Wakamiya-san seems to agree but still shakes her head. Shinozaki might still be thinking about what hierarchy means.

「But I don’t want to trouble her.」

「I don’t think Risa will find it bothersome. If I tell her about you and Shinozaki-kun’s situation, I’m sure she’ll help. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask her to speak for you.」

Ashi-san is a good person. Though I’m sure if she had a hidden motive or because she’s trying to look nice.

「No, I don’t mind.」

「That pretty much solves the class issue. Let’s discuss the other issue.」

Everyone nodded. Then, without a pause, Shinozaki opens his mouth.

「So, club activities…what do you think we should do after school? No, I’m already very thankful that you thought of something we can do for our class but, I hope you can think of something for us about this too….」

You got a lot of nerve. Wakamiya-san who’s sitting next to him became nervous. Well, it’s about her so her reaction is normal.

「Honestly, if you think the harassment is painful, I think it is better for you to quit the club and do something else.」

It looks like Shinozaki already anticipated that I’ll suggest that. However, if no one will suggest it, we can’t move forward.

「Why does she have to do that? Wakamiya-san did nothing wrong?」

「How about getting all the other managers to stop harassing her?」

Hirose was the first one to react to what I said and Shinozaki was the first to say something they are helpless about.

「What does Wakamiya-san think?」


Silence. Wakamiya-san turned her attention to me so I was not ignored.

「I think it is improper to quit.」

「Yeah, it would be improper.」

However, it would be difficult for a person who has been harassed to stay in the group. I know it too well.

After affirming Hirose’s words, I continue to explain.

「Then, how can we avoid her from quitting? The people who are harassing you won’t stop harassing you just because someone tells them to. They’ll probably change to something more insidious than what they have already done. So, are we going to talk to Miyano-sensei and have her force all those harassers out of the club? If we do that, the club will be short-staffed and it will never be able to run like the club it used to be.」

I’ve been talking in a blaming manner but after I breathe in and adjust my spirit, I emphasize my next words.

「Besides, it’s no longer comfortable there, isn’t it?」

Wakamiya nodded quietly.

As expected. The reason why no one was speaking earlier was because they were all thinking that they both should stay in the club.

 「Then, I think you should run away. Discretion is the better part of valor so just do it. You should just think of doing something else after school.」

I noticed that everyone sitting around the table was looking at me.

「It’s rare for Amane to say something decent.」

「Kazuya-kun, that’s rude. However, other things?」

「Maa, you’ll be fine even if you’re not in the same club.」

「Right, you’re a lifesaver.」

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After that, the four of us talked more and then, we separated into two groups of two. When we left the store, it was already a little late and the sun was beginning to set.

「Can we take a little detour?」


I follow Hirose who’s one step ahead of me.

After a few minutes of walking, we arrived at a park that you wouldn’t expect to be right next to the station.

「The sunset looks really beautiful.」

「I know right! How was your day?」

「I was surprised that Shinozaki has a girlfriend.」

I jokingly replied to Hirose and walked beside her to look at the sunset.

「That’s not what I meant.」

「Yes yes, it was fun.」

「Really? I was worried because you are different from your usual self.」

The reason I’m different was probably because of the date manner course I had taken most of the holidays. I don’t know if it was for the better or for the worse.

「I told you on the phone that it was Yuna and mother who responded to your email, right? After that, until I left home today, they kept on teaching things to me.」

「So that’s why today’s Amane seemed so thoughtful. Amane was so different from the usual Amane that it made me nervous.」

Was it that uncomfortable? Thinking about it, it might have created some unnecessary misunderstandings.

「Maa, I guess it was worth all the complaining then. I’m tired of doing something I’m not used to and I’ll probably spend the rest of my vacation sleeping.」

「Hahaha, sorry about that.」

「No, it’s okay. Also, I almost forgot, can you give this to Iori-chan?」

Hirose’s expression changed when I handed the bag containing problem books. By the way, if you are on a date, you should never mention any other girl’s name. According to Mei, today’s shopping is a date.

「Hey, Amane. Why are you calling me using my last name but you call Iori with her name and you even add chan? Thinking about it, you also call Akari and Takuya by their names. Why do you treat me so distant?」

「No, I mean, you see….」

「Call me by my first name from now on! Well then, see you later, today was fun, So-Souta.」

We were walking while talking and before we knew it, we were already in front of the station. Hirose ran towards the station in no time after saying that and only the stunned me was left.

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