Chapter 54 – The Legendary Hero’s Sword Has Been Cashed

「It’s too hard…..」

While working on the farm, the elf who was in charge of wholesaling the sugar, came to me to complain.

「What do you mean it’s too hard?」

「Even if we have guards, it is impossible to push a cart that long.」

Yeah, it’s like ten hours on foot.

Pushing a cart full of sugar all day long is indeed hard.

 「Hmm….how about we buy an ox and have it pull the cart?」

「That’s a good idea but it will still take too long even with an ox. After all, if we leave here in the morning, we’ll arrive at the city by nightfall….」

「Hmm, what should we do then?」

「Let’s maintain the status quo for now but we have to improve it in the future….」

「Alright. I’ll call a meeting and discuss it altogether.」

That moment—–I heard Sonja’s cheerful voice.

「The legendary hero’s sword….I got it!」


—Scene Change—


And, maa, that’s how the dungeon expedition team came back.

Maria was under a confusion spell and didn’t know what’s going on while all the hand-riding rabbits had bandages on them. It seemed like they fought fierce battles.

By the way, those bandages were the ones I purchased from the catalog store and gave to them as amulets.

And Sonja was the only one who looked unharmed but the spoils of their expedition were terrible.

–          Legendary hero’s sword

–          A sack full of gold

–          I don’t know. Rings, crowns, etc.

For the time being, I had Ouroboros take care of the confusion magic casted on Maria in order to be able to hear what happened….

「I don’t even want to remember. I don’t want to go on that dungeon ever again.」

After that, she said no more.

The hand-riding rabbits also trembled and didn’t talk about anything. Only Sonja said something while smiling but only at the level 「It was fun desu♪ ufufufu♪」.

By the way, I confirmed it to Maria but it seems like it was indeed the legendary hero’s sword that was left deep underground.

Also, those things they brought back were those not bulky things among what they found on their way.

Anyway, it’s great that no one was seriously injured.

Looking at them unable to walk steadily and even using walking sticks just to walk,  I also reflected for sending them out of the expedition like it was nothing.

And anyway—we have cash.


And that’s it.

We are now in front of it….the offering box.

When I put the gold coins into the money box, the digital notation in the catalog increased from 10000 yen to 20000 yen.

There shouldn’t be more than 10000 of them but I guess that means they are rare gold coins.

By the way, the offering box is not one of those that you can see what’s inside like in Japan. Its inside looks like a black hole, it’s completely black.

「However, it’s hard to cash the crown and the others.」

Even if I ask Arisa to sell them, it will be quite obvious.

I can ask Cornelia’s help and sell them to the demon world but the duty tax would be off the roof.

What should I do now?

「Why don’t we just push them all in?」

Sonja threw the crown, ring, and all other treasures that were in the sack into the offering box.


The treasures disappeared into the black hole unimpeded.

I wondered if that was possible but when I checked the catalog again, the digital notation showed an increase of exactly 100000 yen.

—apparently, it was possible.

I mean, the gold and treasures of this world being sucked just like that….if I use currency, it will certainly have a considerable impact on the economy, right?

Offering treasure would be okay with everyone but if we keep offering gold to the zenigeba god, the world will really be in trouble.

Maa, this should be good…..

「Of course, I know it would be bad to cash the sword of the legendary hero.」

I’m not sure if it’s worth the money but after taking it home after so much trouble, I don’t think we should. And there—

「Let’s throw this one too.」

Sonja threw the sword of the legendary hero into the offering box.

「Oi! Sonja!」

That’s bad, right!?

However, I wasn’t able to save it. The hero’s sword disappeared into the black hole as well.

This is….

The digital representation on the catalog became 1.1 million yen.

That’s equivalent to 1.1 million gold coins….

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