Chapter 95 – Spring-desu….Reclamation and Pregnancy!

As it got warmer, we cleared up the top of the new underground facility.

Trees were cut down like usual.

Stumps would be dug out by Shuri while boss-san will move them.

They work in sync.

By the way, both Shuri and boss-san have become big!

They are about as big as a minivan?


After growing to a certain extent, the spiderlings’ growing period has slowed down.

The chibi spiders are still growing fast on the other hand.

I wonder if they’ll catch up to the spiderlings.

When I imagined all of them being as big as a minivan….I stopped.

That’s too scary.


I watched the slow movement of the stumps….or rather, it’s quite fast.

Wait, isn’t it too fast…?

Maa, it’s good since they can be processed early.


These days, they go hunting like usual.

Like always, they hunted lots of prey.

However, seeing them go, I always see the same members.

The others are not hunting at all….

Is there something wrong with them?

I hope they are not sick or something.

I’m worried.


Before I knew it, I’m already standing on a big, very big, second square.

Looking around, the one eyes are happily fencing it.

They didn’t do much this winter after all.

However, I don’t think there will always be something for them to do.

I think I’m going to imagine something scary again so let’s stop thinking about it.


The farming corps are plowing the field….no, it is better to say the antlings and chibi ants are plowing the field.

The farming corps are in charge of planting seeds.

….it looks like there isn’t enough manpower there.

Did the others go to the fruit forest?

That forest is big so good luck to them.


The hunt went well and the little oni began to dismantle them with joy.

When I saw how fast they were dismantling, I gave up the idea of helping them.

Maa, I know this would happen.


I was given new clothes by the three eyes.

The design was completely different from the previous ones….I’m already afraid of counting the number of my clothes.

You don’t need to make that much.


Spring is the time where everyone is motivated to work. As for me….I’m bored.


—Scene Change-


I now know why the others are not hunting.

The she-wolves, including Koa, and the bitches are pregnant.

I was a little surprised.

….It’s spring so it shouldn’t be surprising.


….I’m starting to miss people a little.

Let’s find the border of the forest in the future.

Let’s take our time to do things.


I’m happy that they are pregnant.

I’ll be happier if they gave birth without any problem.


… our food supply still okay?


Last winter, we managed to get by by consuming the food in the storage room.

What surprised me was that everyone had their favorite fruits and vegetables.

I thought we would definitely have surplus fruits and vegetables but there were only a few left in the storage room.

If our family grows, I should think about increasing the amount of food we store.

「Do we have to expand the field?」

I was heard.

It seemed like I said that unconsciously.

I said that unconsciously before the terrible farming corps.

The next day, the farming corps are already asking me to expand the field.

I hadn’t decided yet but….I should do it.

I can’t let the young ones starve so we have no choice but to expand the field.

….of course, it’s not because I’m scared of the farming corps.

I’m not scared of them.


—Scene Change-


It’s too wide!

Just a little more and you’ll reach the cave where we found Charu and the others.

It’s kind of funny since my house looks small!

….this is it! I’ll do my best.

Next time, I won’t succumb.


Along with the field, we expanded the fruit forest too.

The way they looked at the fruit forest was scary so….I let them expand it.

However, why is it that more than half of the expanded area became vineyards?

Maa, it’s true that everyone’s asking for them but, I don’t want them to frequently get drunk. What happens after that has always scared me!


…….Yes, I’d rather run out of wine….ahahahaha.


I’m currently helping with hunting.

I was kicked out of the field….hahahha, I don’t care anymore!

Let’s just think that we are in need of storing a large amount of meat.


I’ve expanded the storage room but if more little ones were born than expected, this will still be insufficient.

But where should I build more storage rooms?

Maa, let’s just be happy that I have something to do.

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It’s getting warmer, the breeze has become pleasant, and new pups were born.

Cute! Let’s work hard for them.

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