Chapter 21

The long holiday, which I thought would really be a long one, came to an end in the blink of an eye and school started again.

I was worried about Shinozaki so I left a little early and arrived at the classroom just as early as I left.

It seems like the people I’m worried about hadn’t arrived yet so I plopped down on my desk. I feel a little regretful that I had come to class so early. I’m still tired and a little sleepy.

I told myself that if I fell asleep here, there would be no point in coming early to fight my sleepiness.

Not long after, I heard a commotion in the classroom. Upon looking at it, I saw Wakamiya-san, who dyed her hair brown, with Ashi-san’s group. They came into the classroom altogether. Before I knew it, Shinozaki was already sitting in front of me.

「When did you get here?」

「A while ago. I came to school with Nanaka but left her with Sunohara-san’s group at the entrance.」

「So, you have a brown hair fetish? 」

Shinozaki choked up. It would have been better if we were drinking right now. However, he might punch me in the face if we’re really in that situation.

Before I knew it, Wakamiya and Hirose, who had left Ashi-san’s group, came to us.

「You two, good morning. 」

「Amane-kun, good morning. 」

「Yeah, good morning. 」

I was going to ask her if something had happened but according to Shinozaki, they came to school together and after that, he left her to Ashi-san’s group, so nothing happened yet.

Just as we were about to make some small talk, the girls in the class started to gather around us, or rather, around Shinozaki and Wakamiya. Apparently, it was the question and answer time. I wanted to leave my seat and go somewhere else but I couldn’t even move properly. It’s not just the girls in our class anymore. How popular is Shinozaki?

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That morning, every time there was a break, there would be a crowd of people around Shinozaki and Wakamiya. Looking at them, I can’t help but say “It’s hard to be popular” as I escape from the classroom every time there’s a break.

If they continue to be surrounded by a mob like that, they’ll be exhausted to the point it will be bad.

「Ah, I’m tired. 」

At lunch break, I, Shinozaki, Hirose, and Wakamiya, the four of us, gathered to lay on a leisure sheet on the lawn at the edge of the courtyard as proposed by Wakamiya.

What kind of group is this? A shady guy, an ikemen, a gyaru, and an honor student? How can these kinds of people even form a group?

「It’s hard to be popular.」

I poked Shinozaki’s drooping head with a tea bottle I just bought before coming here and ate onigiri. I didn’t feel like I could win the purchasing war after the long holiday so I made onigiri using the leftover breakfast this morning.

「How would you even know if you escape every break time? It was a lot of work.」

「I already knew what was going to happen even before HR started so I ran away. What about you, Wakamiya-san?」

Everyone looked at me as if I said something unexpected. What? Is it unexpected that I worry about other people? I wonder if I should stop worrying about others starting today.

「Amane-kun is surprisingly a good person.」

「That’s right. This guy doesn’t talk to others that much so he’s easily misunderstood.」

「That’s terrible. However, I admit that I don’t talk to other people that much.」

「If Amane acts properly like the other day, he would have been more popular.」

The other day. That would be the time when Hirose and I encountered the Shinozaki couple’s date. Certainly, at that time, under mother and Yuna’s teachings, I fixed my hair, straightened my back, and did many other things but I don’t think that would be enough to make me popular. And looking at Shinozaki this morning, it seems to be a hassle to be popular so I don’t think I want to be popular if I’ll go through that hassle every morning.

「I think Nana-chan would be okay from now on. Risa backed her up when she was being bombarded with questions. I don’t think anyone would dare do anything to her in the open.」

Ashi-san’s effect is amazing. I’m indeed the one who suggested to rely on her but I never thought the effect would be this good.

「Risa-san is an amazing person.」

You’re already calling her by her first name? And Hirose is already calling her with a nickname? Wow. Why are girls so quick to get close? Is it to strengthen unity against other factions?

「How about me? Where is my best friend’s support?」

Shinozaki, who has been glancing at me since a while ago, seems to be bitter because I ran away every time.

「I’m neither as good as Ashi-san nor an expert on that topic. If you say more, I’ll leave you alone in the middle of the month.」

「Amane is the kindest. You have always helped me. You’re my best friend!」

He flipped too fast.

「Souta, why do you have to make me remember something terrible.」

「No, wait, why I’m I the bad guy now? If you study every day, you won’t find the exam terrible. You can just study.」

「No, that’s not what I mean, Souta. You have been avoiding me as well, Souta and you don’t address me with my name, Souta.」

Wait, I don’t know what you are talking about. Oi, Shinozaki and Wakamiya-san, don’t look at me like that.

「You have to do it properly, Amane-kun.」

「That’s right, Amane.」


As I said that, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch break.

I’ve always seen it as a jerk but it might be a good guy that helps others when needed. Though I still hate my savior telling me that lunchtime is over.

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