Chapter 55 – Isekai Light Truck with Elves

It’s a light truck alright.

Boasting one of the most expensive things in the catalog…..1 million yen.

My savings were almost gone in an instant but I’m sure I’m getting the most out of my money.

It’s a light truck and for some reason, it is solar-powered.

I don’t think there’s a company that makes such an incomprehensible product—

『It has an isekai specification. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. However, since it is solar-powered, don’t expect much horsepower from it. 』

That was the answer of the zenigeba god.

Of course, it can move using gasoline as fuel too but it also costs money to order fuel.

In that case, it will be too costly to use it to transport goods to the city.

Moreover, this is a rare offer from the zenigeba god, it seems like he’ll take care of it if it breaks down for free.

『You’re a regular sucker….cough! I mean, customer, so I’ll give you that much. 』

And that’s how it is.

By the way, this solar power light truck can also store a lot of electricity.

However, it would be bad if it runs out of electricity along the way so I thought it should carry at least one emergency polyethylene tank in the back.

『You can do that but that’s dangerous. I can’t afford to waste divine power if it was destroyed because of that. I’ll do something to make it safe. 』

This zenigeba god has a point.

Maa, there’s no doubt that gasoline is a highly flammable and dangerous substance so let’s be grateful for it.

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—and now, we’ve gathered in front of the light truck packed with sugar bags.

「You’re such a joker, Tatsuya-sama. There’s no way a big lump of iron can move using the power of the sun…」

Maria seemed to think I was joking and giggled.

The hand-riding rabbits were running around the back and inside the truck with great interest. There were even four of them hanging on the steering wheel.

By the way, there was a mascot doll in the car….it’s a hand-riding rabbit hanging on a string. When I saw her, I couldn’t help but blow her out.

「No, Maria….master has always surprised us. Since master said so, I think he can make the impossible possible….」

「However, Ouroboros, even if Tatsuya-sama is awesome, that’s simply not possible, right? Perhaps if it is something powered by a magic stone or something from the ancient magic civilization.」

Ouroboros made a sound by slamming her fist to her hand a little.

「Exactly, there are tons of magical equipment like this….they are certainly powered by magic stones but….」

However, Maria shook her head to the left and right.

「Magic stone is a luxury material that can rarely be taken from monsters like dragons. It’s too expensive to make it an energy source….of something that will transport sugar.」

I see.

So, there were similar transportation devices from the ancient magical civilizations. And they even have the same fuel problem like diesel and gasoline.

I can’t help but laugh.

「This doesn’t use magic stones.」

「I certainly don’t feel any magic reaction that is peculiar to a magic stone but….」

I got into the driver’s seat with the keys of the light truck in my hand.

I put the key in the ignition and twisted it around.

「What’s that noise!?」

Everyone around began to buzz upon hearing the sound of the engine starting up.

Then, I slowly stepped on the gas pedal.

「It’s moving!? That lump of iron!? And without a magic stone!?」

「Tatsuya is amazing nano desu! The iron carriage is amazing nano desu!」

「You’re really amazing, oniichan. Even a dwarf won’t be able to make something like this.」

Everyone is looking at the light truck curiously with sparkling eyes.

Yeah, this is great.

At best, it would be a little revolution in logistics if a light truck appeared in a place where carriage is the only means of transport.

That said, this light truck is solar powered so it doesn’t give much horsepower but it is still better than pulling a carriage manually or by horse.

And more than anything, it has speed.

「Maa, I’m not amazing, what amazing is this thing made in Japan.」

I laughed wryly while I muttered so….

「Also, thank you zenigeba god for making it solar-powered.」

This was the only time I honestly thanked the zenigeba god.

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