Chapter 96 – King of Emperors

-Emperors Kingdom’s King’s POV-

「What’s happening!」

No one answered my question.

You don’t even bother listening to your king!


I’ll kill them all.

All of them are useless and incompetent.

Ah, god damn it!

What’s happening?


The kings of the forest should either be dead or weak.

And yet, after all this time, why now?

Just a little more and everything should have fallen into my hands.


「My apologies.」

The chief mage kneels in front of me.

This is quite a fortunate one. He obtained power superior to people because of me.

However, he betrayed me for being useless.


My voice trembled as I grew irritated at what he said

「So, you think it is impossible to repair the crack?」

「….yes, we have tried several times but all have failed.」


「The mages who tried to repair it seems to have lost all their memories and magic.」

「Where are those mages now?」

「….in their rooms」

「Kill them all. I don’t need useless things.」

「…but, they are.」

「Go and kill them now!」

I gave the order to the nearby knights.

The knights seem to have hesitated for a moment but acted quickly.

The chief mage seemed to want to say something but did not do so.

Rubbishes deserve death, including those who don’t follow orders immediately.

「Fix it, that’s an order!」

「….by your will.」

I stared at the chief mage hatefully as he exited the room.

If he fails again, I’ll just use him to strengthen me.


But, what is the cause?

I have been strengthening the magic stone so many times, why can’t it be done suddenly…..

Damn it.

They’re all useless.


I tapped the armrest of my throne again and again.

I can’t help but be frustrated.

The magic stone’s barrier is useless?

The crack can’t be fixed?

How is that even possible?

Those incompetent mages should have overlooked something.

But that thunderbolt made me feel so much threatened….once I found out who did it, I’ll give you what you deserve!


Did I overlook something?

I don’t think any country would dare do it.

Or are they using the forest as camouflage?

No, they’re all cowards.

There’s no one who would dare offend my powerful kingdom.


….but I think we need to investigate.

I’ll have the 2nd knight order to look into it.


—Scene Change—


It’s been a long time since I came here.

Slaves were laid out in front of me.

The best way to relieve my frustration is to torment slaves.

I’ve done it so much for the last few hundred years that I’ve gotten tired of it but this time, I need to strengthen my sword.

I have to strengthen the power of my sword just in case.


Anyway, slaves are unsightly things.

Just looking at the ears over their heads already makes me feel disgusted.

I will make you useful to this world even a little.


The reddish-black light of my magic sword as I pulled it out from its sheath was absolutely beautiful.

This magic sword was found in an ancient ruin.

This is a luxurious magic sword as it was poured with power from the magic stone and strengthened by the blood of the living.


A smile appeared on the slave’s face.

So I immediately swung my sword to it.


I felt pain in my arm.

What happened?

When I turned my gaze, I saw the sword enveloped in white light.


Someone came running to me and checked my arm.

I was about to check the source of the pain but the mage who came running to me seemed to be using healing magic.

When I looked at my arm, blood was dripping.

The pain receded but….


I bled?

I have many layers of barriers around me.

I bled….

What’s happening?

….the sword, the power, the sacrifice….what happened?


I look at the sword.

The white light is already gone and the sword is lying on the ground.

I stand up and pick the sword up.

My sword, which used to be shining in reddish black light, has turned black and cloudy. The blade is even in tatters….and I can’t even see a trace of shadow.

In addition, an unidentifiable white light seemed to be tangled in it.


What’s happening?

What’s happening?


I slammed the sword into the ground.

The blade of the sword snapped with a crisp sound.

I found the magic sword at the same time as the magic stone.

I bathed it with sacrifices to make it grow into the most powerful sword in the world.

I thought that only then could it be worthy to be held in my hand.

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What’s happening?

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