Chapter 22

The afternoon class was over in a flash and the LHR(Long Home Room) began.

「We have something to do today so you can stop playing with your cell phones.」

There was a chorus of “Eh” and “What” in the classroom.

After all, LHR is usually time for self-study or chat. So, what are we going to do today?

「Divide yourselves into groups and practice cooking for home economics. I have a lot of things to do so we will start cooking in the next home economics class. When you’re done grouping, decide what you want to make and write it on this paper. After that, send it out to me.」

Then, Miyano-sensei left the classroom saying “decide everything on your own”. She’s the adviser of the student council so she’s probably busy with the upcoming election or something.

「Amane, I want to team up with you and eat the delicious food you’ll cook. However, I also want to eat Nanaka’s handmade dishes. What do you think I should do?」

「Why are you even asking me? Why don’t you talk with Wakamiya-san first?」

Maa, it seems like there’s no need to call her out since the whole Ashi-san faction is headed here.

「Shinozaki, Amane, team up with me* and Mio.」

TN: Sunohara Risa refers to herself as “ashi” , a shortened version of “watashi(I)”.

Eh? What? Of course, I didn’t speak since I was afraid. But seriously, what do you mean? When I turned to Shinozaki, Shinozaki looked back at me with the same surprised expression. By the way, who’s Mio?

「Did you hear me? Why aren’t you answering?」

「We haven’t decided on our teammates yet so there’s no problem.」

Ashi-san was so scary that I agreed instinctively. Wakamiya-san, Hirose, and Shinozaki all glared at me. Wait, I didn’t do anything wrong. Ashi-san’s scary. If you want to complain, tell it to Ashi-san.

「Wait, Souta’s with me.」

「It’s okay, Mei. Let me borrow him this time. Ah, Mio wants to cook something for her boyfriend so we’ll have him teach her. Amane is a good cook, right?」

「Then, you don’t need Kazuya-kun.」

「No, if Shinozaki’s not in our group, Amane will play truant.」

I know exactly what she means. If there were only three girls and me, I would have thought of something like going to the hospital on the day of the cooking class. At worst, I’ll pretend to have a stomachache or cold. It is impossible for me to be alone with three girls. And given who those girls are, I’m even willing to take some drastic measure of making myself actually sick so I won’t need to fake illness.

「Got it? Also, I have to tell something to tell you so lend me your ears.」

Hirose and Wakamiya-san lent their ears meekly. I don’t know what she said but the two agreed and said “It can’t be helped then”.

「Hey, Amane.」

「What’s up, Shinozaki?」

「Please don’t take a day off. If you’re going to take a day off, I’ll….」

Shinozaki grabbed my arm and applied pressure.

It seems like my arm will be sacrificed if I say I’ll take a day off.

「I won’t so rest assured.」

I don’t really feel like skipping the practical training for a secondary subject because skipping it will lower my evaluation by one or two points.

「What are we going to make? Making pastries is not my specialty.」

「Something cheap and easy to make but still looks good.」

「I’ll think of something.」

What kind of thing is that? How can it look good if it is cheap and easy to make?

「Then, let’s end our group meeting.」

Thus, Ashi-san’s group returned to her seat with her friends.

Seriously, what do you want? Also, you forgot to take Hirose and Wakamiya-san.

「Are you done talking?」

「For now, yes.」

「What are you going to cook?」

「That’s what I’m currently thinking.」

They threw it at me but, what should we make? I can think of something that is easy for me but there’s no way Ashi-san would find it easy.

「Wakamiya-san, it looks like you have gotten used to it.」

「Our wavelength seemed to be matched, war criminal Amane-kun.」

Please stop calling me that. I know that it’s mainly my fault that you couple wouldn’t be able to cook together but please, spare me with that title.

「I’m going to join the student council. Are you familiar with it? I’m going to quit my club so I’ll be free after school.」

「If you want to join the student council, just go to the student council office and they’ll give you a form. You probably heard that there will be an incoming election but that’s only for the president position. They have never been able to recruit enough people.」

Even I don’t have the slightest motivation to join the student council and yet, they recruit me all the time. Probably because of Miyano-sensei. Miyano-sensei is in charge of the student council and if they need anything, they will go to her and she will push me there without asking. Miyano-sensei is a good teacher though she’s violent towards me.

「Souta, you know them well.」

「The president herself told me that when they asked me for help. Since they can’t gather enough members, the election is only for the president position.」

Maa, she even said that the election was going to be a vote of confidence. How much do our students not care about the student council? Well, I’m one of them too so I can’t say anything.

「Heh, being part of the student council would be great for you, Nana-chan.」

「I want to get a recommendation.」

「Thinking about your future path already? Isn’t it too early?」

「That’s not true. Those who are aiming to take higher education are already gathering information about summer courses.」

「They’re all impatient. We’re still sophomores.」

Hirose says so. Too bad, we are already sophomores. In a school as advanced as this one, people who are thinking of going to university are already preparing for it.

「Well, it is certainly early. There are even those who are desperately trying not to get red marks.」

I pointed the spearhead to Shinozaki, who is growing at ease. I heard that he received a recommendation from one of the best universities on a certain New Year’s Day.

「Maa, I’m more worried about the current midterm exam than the future which is still too far.」

After that comment, I spent the rest of the time studying.

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