Chapter 58 – Apologies to All Miyamoto-san in the Country, Again

TN: No, I didn’t skip any chapter. Don’t you know that 58 is the next number after 55? At least according to the author. Don’t look for chapter 77 later too.

「Amazing desu yo! This thing is amazing desu yo!」

The day after the introduction of the light truck.

At first, the light truck became everyone’s toy.

I thought it would be hard to teach them but everyone had good motor skills and learned it quickly.

「Oniichan! What’s really going on here?」

By the way, the fastest one to learn was the dwarf Katya but it’s probably related to her being a manufacturing-type craftsman.

She has great interest in power and seemed to have extraordinary enthusiasm for driving.

「Master, I’ll take it from here…」

Ouroboros is a slow driver and is extremely cautious.

Too different from how she looks and her personality.

「Hahaha! Fun desu!」

Only Sonja is having trouble and almost can’t drive.

However, she looks like she’s having fun with the rattling feeling of stalling. The hand-riding rabbits are treating it as an attraction.

「—I’m speed! I won’t let anyone run faster than me! HAHAHA! I’ll be the first one to reach 70 kilometers per hour!」

70 kilometers per hour on an unmaintained road….

Thinking about it normally, that should be dangerous, right?

In other words, I never expected Maria to be the problem child.

It’s like her personality suddenly changed as soon as she took the wheel and a really dangerous one.

「By the way, is the curry ready yet? 」

Cornelia didn’t show any interest in the light truck and kept asking me to make curry.

When I asked her about it, she told me that she had been to Japan before and was not surprised by a light truck.

When I asked her more about it, she said she’s been on an airplane before.

She had seen tanks and fighter planes when she was working at a restaurant owned by a reincarnated person and she even knew a little about the theory of relativity, the basis of nuclear weapons.

I mean, she was talking about the formula E=MC square. The magic formula of the age of gods that lead to the destruction of the world.

I wanted to say “what happened to that guy” but….

Let’s put that aside.

「Well then, I’ll make curry for everyone for lunch. 」

「Okay! 」

Hearing what I said, Cornelia smiled.


「Tatsuya-sama! I am—speed! Let me go to the other side real fast! 」

With yankee like lines from a manga, Maria hurled along the road with the light truck.


—POV Change—


My name is Masashi Miyamoto.

I’m a hero who came to another world from Japan.

Due to various reasons, I’m currently walking in a forest.

Wand what I mean by reasons… kind of a long story.

Maa, we were teleported in a group, and my friends and I were given combat training in this world.

For the first month or so, we were seriously trained in combat and since I was talented, I got stronger.

But the people in this world are too serious.

Their training menu was so hard that it could kill me so I left.

Then, I signed up with the criminal guild and committed all kinds of evil deeds.

—it was a lot of fun.

No, evil things are really fun.

It felt great to step on someone’s head when I’m collecting debt.

As good as it is….I encountered a problem, that old man called Tatsuya.

I don’t know why but he was surrounded by very strong beauties….because of him, I was caught by the righteous guild and almost got my neck cut off.

Maa, of course, the great me always has a backup plan.

Currently, I’m walking through the forest to join my comrades who also escaped from battle training.

By the way, I’m using crutches because my foot is fractured.

It’s all because of that old man….once my wound heals, I will not just half kill him, I’ll wholly kill him.

That moment—I heard an engine sound from a distance for some reason.

「Why is there a light truck in this place? 」

What I saw was a light truck running at full speed towards me.

It should be running around 100 kilometers per hour, isn’t it?

I mean, why is there a light truck in isekai?

—I don’t get it!

I was so stunned that I froze on the spot….before I knew it, the truck was already close to me.

I came to my senses and tried to run to the side of the road as fast as I could but….

—but I couldn’t! It’s too close for me, who’s on crutches, to evade!

「Truck-kun! Stop! Stoooooppppppp! 」

A little later than my scream, a loud voice came from the truck’s driver seat with an open window.

「Ahhhh! I mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal! I’m not used to driving yet! Please run away! 」

At that moment, my lower body was hit by the bumper of the truck.

「Pubera! 」

Then, I flew for about 10 meters while dancing in the air.

If I was in Japan, I would certainly die but this time, I’ll only be fractured.

In other words, I thought—-

—-it has been a while but it was good that I did combat training seriously….

TN: Author-sama ruined it when he didn’t get isekaid after being hit by truck-kun.

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