Chapter 97 – Knight of a Certain Country (5)

-Emperors Kingdom’s 1st Knight’s Commander’s POV-

The magic sword was raised in the air.

There’s a line of slaves.

I want to sigh but I hold it in and quietly turn my gaze down.

This is a normal scene in this country but I’ve never been used to it.

I mean….


The square was flooded with light.

It’s too bright that I had to cover my eyes with my hands.

The light also made me stagger but I endured it and looked at the place where the king was.


What happened?

Blood was dripping from the king’s arm. The healers panicked.


I shifted my gaze to look at something that was still glowing white.

The magic sword is still covered with white light while floating in the air.

It looks beautiful.

When the light disappeared, the magic sword also fell to the ground.

It’s not possible for me to check it out given where I’m standing.


I turned my gaze to the slaves.

They all have surprised expressions.


The slaves are supposed to have their minds sealed in order to prevent them from rebelling.

Why are they….

I lean forward to check again but the knights immediately took the slaves away.


—Scene Change—


A mage retrieved the magic sword.

I was about to go back to my room but I saw him so I asked him if he could show it to me.


When I saw it before, I was surprised with how powerful the magical power I felt from it.

I took out the cloth covering the magic sword.

….is this the same magic sword?

I checked and it seems to be the same sword.

However, this magic sword in front of me didn’t feel powerful at all.

It only looks like a black sword with broken blade.

And there’s also something white entwined in the blade.

…this looks like the same thing that was entangling the magic stone.

The mages have examined it but they still don’t know the effect it has.

I took my time and looked at the sword in my hand but I couldn’t tell what had happened.

I touched the object that was entangled in the sword but it didn’t feel anything special.

I thanked the mage and returned the sword.


The irreparable crack of the magic stone, the thing with this magic sword today, I can’t help but think that what happened at these two should be the same.

The magic stone and the magic sword.

They were found in an ancient ruin.

Is that the cause of the problem?


In the corner of my eye, I saw the mages panicking.

As I approached, I saw one of the mages on the floor.

I’m not sure what happened but it seems like he collapsed while trying to activate the technique.


Activating the technique?


It seems like in order to sacrifice someone to the sword, you need to cut it with the sword and activate the technique at the same time.

He was the mage who activated the technique.

He suddenly collapsed and stopped moving.

The healer seemed to have arrived so he was moved to a different location in order to check his condition better.


The healer checked his pulse while looking confused.

The mage is still unconscious.

The healer seems to be giving him another round of treatment but nothing changes.


There’s no need for treatment?

Does that mean there’s nothing wrong with him?

But he’s still down.


After a while, the mage seemed to have woken up.

The healer is relieved.

The mages around him started scolding him.

I guess he’s safe.


I turned around and started walking back to my room.

「You guys are….where am I? Who….」

The newly awoken mage shouted with all his might.

As he was shouting with all his might, everyone fell silent.

I stopped and looked at them.


One of the mages grabs the shoulders of the shouting mage and tries to call him out.

The mage shakes him off and looks around and shows distrust to everyone.


I’m already familiar with this scene.

The same thing happened to the mages who were repairing the crack of the magic stone.

…..a mage with no memory.

The other mage has a look of despair on his face.

That’s probably because a few hours ago, the other mages with no memories disappeared from this world.

By the order of the king.

「I see.」

I suddenly thought about the similarities between the magic stone and the magic sword.

I’m sure that’s the reason.

Both of them need lives as sacrifice.

And both happened just before killing the slave sacrifice.

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Then, have we angered “Him” again?

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