Chapter 2.20 – Second Objective

「Eseria-sama, I’m sorry!」

As soon as Eseria entered the guest receiving room, Lamia bowed to her and apologize. Eseria looked at her seriously as she sat down on the sofa opposite to her.

「Lamia-san, what’s wrong?」

When Eseria asked her what’s going on, Lamia’s face turned pale as she began to explain.

「A messenger from the patriarchate of the state church came earlier to the store. I was asked to attend an inspection meeting scheduled to be held five days later.」

「They said it is a request but in truth, it’s compulsory. If we refused without any valid reason, we will be excommunicated immediately.」

When she heard Milan muttering abominably on the side, Eseria realized what exactly is going on.

「Inquisition in short….is it about the content of “Red Circle Dance”, “Love and Hate Interlude”, and “The End of Illusion”?」

「Isn’t it obvious?…..this is why I warned you earlier….」

Milan groans as he holds his head with both his hands. Lamia apologized again in a clear tone.

「Eseria-sama, I’m very sorry for this. The cause of all of this is my mismanagement.」

When she heard her, Eseria appealed to her with a slightly troubled expression.

「Lamia-san, aren’t I the one who wrote those books? I’m the one who’s troubling you, not the other way around.」

「No, when the church’s messenger came to the store today, he said that the person in charge of the store and the author of the books are required to attend. So, when the messenger asked “Where is the person named Maru Hana?”, I thought of disguising myself as the author but one of our staff gave out your name….I have been ordered to attend with Eseria-sama. 」

Then, looking at Lamia, who’s gritting her teeth, Eseria smiles as if there’s no trouble.

「Don’t be angry with your staff, okay? That person is just being honest. On the contrary, I’m glad that you went for me immediately.」

「No! It’s a meeting at the patriarchal church, the one with the highest authority in the State Church! If it becomes public, the names of Eseria-sama and the duke’s family will irrevocably be damaged!」

Lamia screamed but Eseria muttered in a voice that only she could hear.

「That’s exactly what I wish to happen. No matter how you think about it, I won’t become the prince’s fiancée after that, right? However, I don’t want to trouble my family….」

「Yes? Did you say anything now?」

「No, don’t mind it. Let’s go back to the main topic.」

Eseria just glossed it over and get back to the topic.

「Actually, Lamia-san, I’ve kept it a secret until now but when I published those books, I have a second objective aside that I wanted to write such contents.」

「Second objective?」

「Yeah. I’ll bring you something that will explain what it is. So, can you just have a cup of tea and calm down while waiting?」

「……okay? If Eseria-sama said so, I’ll do it.」

「Okay then, I’ll leave for a moment.」

She thanked Lamia-san, who nodded obediently but you can see she’s very curious. Eseria left. While Lamia is drinking cold tea to regain her calm, Milan, who’s full of anxiety, asked her mother.

「Mother, what was that?」

「I don’t know. However, it looks like Eseria-sama has already arranged something. It will not be too late to apologize to the duke and the duchess when we consult them after hearing what Eseria-sama has to say.」


When he saw his mother, Milan seemed to have realized something. He just quietly waited for Eseria to return. A little later, Eseria showed up holding a paper bag.

「Thank you for waiting. Lamia, check this out.」

「As you wish.」

Lamia, who took out a bunch of documents from the bag she received, was speechless when she saw the title was written on the cover.

「……Eseria-sama, what’s this?」

In contrast to her, Eseria calmly opened her mouth.

「I’ve been thinking about it ever since I first met Milan and heard that Wallace borrowed money from father.」

「Eh? Are you talking about me?」

When Milan asked her after hearing his name, Eseria nodded lightly and continued.

「Yeah. You’re the one who told me this, right? The places where money gathers are at his majesty the king, the nobles, the merchants, and the church.」

「That is….certainly, I feel like I’ve said that….」

「Of course, the church can’t do that unless it is approved by his majesty the king. However, we have someone here who has connection to the royal palace.」

Looking at Eseria pointing at herself while smiling, Lamia, who was checking the contents by flipping through the pater, asked her with a serious expression.

「Do you really think this is possible?」

「I think it’s possible if Lamia-san agrees and cooperates. How is it? Are you willing?」

When she was asked again, Lamia nodded with a respectful gaze.

「Yes! I’ll be happy to help you and take a bite or two! Please leave it to me!」

Eseria nodded with a satisfied smile.

「Good! Negotiation has concluded. Well then, I would like to discuss the flow of the conversation at the inquisition meeting immediately, do you have time?」

「Yes! Take as much of my time as you want!」

Then, Eseria calls out to Milan, who was very surprised.

「What about you, Milan? I don’t mind if you go home first.」

However, he shook his head with a straight expression.

「I won’t interrupt, I won’t even talk so….please let me stay and listen for future study.」

「Really? Then, Lamia-san, since we were invited for an inquisition, do you think the church considers this issue to be of great importance?」

「Yes. I’m sure the people who will attend this inquisition meeting will be the upper echelons of the church. There will surely be bishops and there might even be an archbishop.」

「That would be more convenient. 」

The two immediately began a question and answer session and exchange of opinions on what they should expect on that day with serious expressions while spreading the documents in their hands. Milan continued to watch them stupefied.

「Well then, Lamia-san. On that day, I’ll pick you at the Wallace Company using our carriage. Let’s go to the Patriarchal Church together. 」

「Yes, I’ll be waiting for you. 」

After a long discussion, Lamia bowed to Eseria at the entrance hall. She then took Milan out of the entrance and get in the carriage of the Wallace Company waiting for them.

Even after getting in the carriage, none of the two spoke. After a while, Milan began to speak in a gloomy tone.

「Mother…..Eseria-sama is truly a genius… 」

She nodded with a slight smile on her face. Then, Lamia told her son.

「She sure is. The method is kind of rough but this will certainly make her speak with the higher-ups of the church. I’ll tell you what happened after. 」

「Okay. Good luck, mother. 」

And the mother and son went back to their residence with lively faces which is incomparable to their expression when they left.

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