Chapter 98 – Cute….Eh!

I had no idea that everyone would give birth a few days later.

No mother fell and the babies seemed to be doing well.

Thank goodness.


….However, our number has increased.


Both Koa and Soa have 4 pups each.

Chai has always been near Koa.

Could this be an interspecies birth?

Maa, they don’t have a problem with it so I guess it’s okay.


There are 4 bitches in Chai’s family.

Sau and Sasa have 5 each, Sami has 4, and Kisa has 3.

….everyone looks the same.

I can’t differentiate them.


There are 3 bitches in Ai’s family.

Ami, Ayu, and Mira have 5 puppies each.

They all look the same to me.

No matter how much I look, they all look the same to me.


There are an additional 40 puppies in our family.



A little squirrel is riding the back of a big squirrel.

So, the squirrels gave birth too.

They’re so cute.


My family has grown in an instant.


….let’s make more storage rooms.

I check on the 1st basement but they’re already full.

Is it already impossible?

Looking at the whole rock mountain…the only available place is the 2nd basement where the silver ores are mined.

It has become a processing room for ores but maybe this rock is deeper than what I imagined.

I examined this place using magical power…..I was able to confirm that this rock mountain is gigantic.

I remembered checking this place once but I stopped halfway because it’s too big.

Since this is such a big rock, there shouldn’t be a problem even if I dig a 3rd basement.


I did my best.

I made a new staircase that can be used from the 1st basement, and created a new space from scratch.

Maa, I just cut rocks and threw them in my bag.

It took me a lot of time… greatest enemy, when I was digging the 3rd basement, was boredom from a monotonous job!

I spent around 10 days digging the space and building storage rooms on the 2nd and 3rd basements.

Each time I make one, the one eyes are happily making shelves.

A few hours after the last room was built, everything was completed.


The number of storage rooms is….quite a lot.

I’ve also added a wine storage room. Let’s just make sure the chances of drinking them will not increase.

I should be able to do it….maybe.


—Scene Change—


The children are growing up so fast….they’ve only been born for about a month.

Now, they are chasing each other around the square, casting magic.

Is that okay?

Maa, the mothers are watching them over so I guess they should be fine.

They’re cut but….are they playing? Or are they practicing hunting?

Just be careful to not get hurt.


—Scene Change—


Déjà vu!

….there are six eggs before me.

Boss-san and Shuri brought them to me.


Ehto, I just need to have to pour my magic to them, right?

I’ll do my best since they are staring at me with eyes full of expectations.

There are more eggs than last time.

I better not think about it.


Déjà vu again!


As soon as the eggs cracked, black mini spiders and ants….started crawling out.

I knew it.

Are you boss-san and Shuri’s grandchildren?

… expected of 6 eggs.

They are uncountable.

…..should I name them?


The mini spider and ants…are working in the field along with the farming corps.

As for how many….I can’t count them.

They’re powerful new allies in field expansion.


As for the way I call them, I better call them by dividing them by size.

I can’t imagine anything aside from a bad future if I keep naming them as they are born.

Even if I try hard, what is impossible is impossible.

I can’t even tell the difference between the current children alone….


For those smaller than my head, let’s call them chibi.

For those as big as my open arm, lings.

For those who are as big as my open arms, parent.

Those who are currently working on the field are the chibi ant, antlings, and chibi spiders.

The spiderlings are working in the fruit forest.

Read the latest update only at

There are no parent spiders or parent ants.

I’m just preparing for the future but I hope they stay that way.

If everyone becomes parent size……

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