Chapter 59 – No One Can Calculate Because Their Heads are Loose

Maa, the accounting is a mess.

I’m basically doing nothing but farming, leaving that part to Ouroboros and Maria.

In my mind, I was relieved to know that everyone except Sonja was reasonably well educated…

So, I decided to test Ouroboros’ math skills.

「Ouroboros? What I’m trying to say is, put the X here….」

「Wa wa waaa….can we please not talk about that… least until evening, master?」

「Even Ouroboros….is only at that level….」

Etho, I mean.

Ouroboros proved that she’s capable of only 3 digit addition and subtraction and 2 digit multiplication.

Of course, not mental arithmetic. She needs to write them first.

Maria’s at the same level while Sonja can’t calculate more than the number of fingers on both hands.

I mean, Maria was taught by the best S rank adventurers of their era while Ouroboros seems to be educated in an elite class in the demon world.

That’s right.

It seems like the top-level education of this world is only at that level.

By the way, Arisa can also calculate but it is impossible for her to do multiplication of more than 2 digits.

—Thus, the inventory of vegetables and the number of gold coins don’t match at all.

—I had her keep a record of all transactions and it all went down from there.

「Now, we’re in trouble.」

This is a real problem.

There’s no way anyone can do accounting if they can’t even do math properly.

Arisa said, there’s no way for anyone to learn that except for specialized merchants and they are very rare in this place….still, according to my senses, it is absurd.

「Ufufufu, I don’t care about money♪」

I know.

Speaking of which, I’m in trouble if Sonja suddenly becomes intellectual.

However, serious people like Ouroboros and Maria are only at that level which is troublesome.

At that time, when I was thinking about it….

「Intruder desu♪」

The hand-riding rabbit that had been left to guard the field against vermin came running into the house.

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Now, the intruder.

She’s petite, dark-haired, and looks 16 or 17 years old.

She’s wearing a sorcerer’s cloak and carrying a sorcerer’s staff.

Under her cloak, you can see a mini skirt blazer school uniform….

In short, she’s one of the high school students that got transmigrated in this world with me.

While the others are blonde who looked like they came out of a yankee manga, this girl with black hair left an impression on me. Her eyes are beautiful too.

I’m pretty sure this girl is called Mayu.

I think she’s a girl who should be at a pretty low tier in a class hierarchy.

And that’s the reason why she’s sympathetic with me which is also why she has left an impression on me.

So, this girl fainted near the field full of blood and mud.

I ordered Maria to cast healing magic and bathe her with a wet towel. She didn’t wake up for a few hours, perhaps due to exhaustion.

In any case, her life is not in danger so we let her sleep on one side of the living room while we ate dinner…..


The girl called Mayu woke up and was obviously very hungry.


She seemed to be sleepwalking, gazing the surrounding blankly, and then—

「Hih! Hand riding rabbit!」

After saying that….she fainted again.

I mean, after all, from a normal person’s point of view, a hand-riding rabbit….is simply outrageous.

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