Chapter 99 – Can Amoebas help too?….I’m Free

It seems like the farming corps has finished planting seeds.

For some reason, they refused my help so I gave up negotiating.

…..I’ll just do my best when it’s harvesting time.


Still, this is a big place.

I can feel the warmth of the spring as far as my eyes can see…. to the fields, to the forest.

And to the square.

This is….quite different from what I’m aiming for but there’s no problem.

I’m not thinking of living all my life in a rainforest!



Why is there an amoeba in the field?

I went closer to check….it seems to be helping with the field work.

……even though they refused my help.

What’s with this discrimination?



Is this a new kind of amoeba?

The amoebas in the river won’t leave the river….

Ehto, nice to meet you….field amoeba?


—Scene Change—


The pups born this year have already gone hunting with their parents.

I was worried because they are still so small compared to their parents but it seems like it’s okay.

Recently, the pups managed to hunt smaller prey.

The mothers have also started to participate in hunting so we have enough hunters.

…..I have nothing to do though.

That’s a problem.


I’ve been looking for work lately….

It’s strange….there are a lot of things to do and we also have to hunt more.

….this is too far from the life I’ve prepared for.

No, isn’t it good that I’m taking it easy….

I’m taking it easy but I feel uneasy not doing anything.


I heard that it’s good to have capable friends but I don’t think it’s good to have too many of such friends.

This would ruin me.

I have to keep that in mind.


I went to check Marshmallow and the others underground.

I was worried that the snow might melt since it’s already spring but they seem to be fine.

I hope they’ll keep it up all even in summer.

They are throwing snow at me.

… a little more gentle.

You too, snow amoebas.

Alright, let’s do it!


I’m covered in snow.

It’s funny since I just came here to check on them.

I was a little worried about the snow so I made snow with magic.

They were very happy.

Perhaps they were running low on snow. Let’s take note of that.



As expected, it was too cold in that freezer.

I can’t use magic to warm myself inside it.

Let’s bring a coat when I visit them again.


Next, check the condition of the river.

The river was flowing normally and did not freeze during winter.

The water amoebas come out and invite me.

I’m sorry, it’s still cold.


….Now, it’s water.

I tried to run away from them but….I failed.

There are more than ten of them now!


I’m tired.

I just wanted to check the river.


It looks like the pups and their mothers have returned from their hunting trip.

….giant cow and giant frog.

I haven’t seen a giant frog since the weather started getting cold.

Did they hibernate?


As for dismantling….the little onis will take care of it.

As expected, I have nothing to do.


The mothers are looking at me proudly.

I guess their parenting is going well.

Thanks for your hard work.

…..these sizes of prey, did the pups hunt them?

….could it be….no way!

They’ve only hunted smaller prey until this time.


The pups.

Yeah, they’re so proud.

Hahaha, you’re amazing.

You’ve done well but be sure not to get hurt.

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The squirrel babies are still babies.

I’m so relieved.

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