Chapter 100 – Walking Tree…Nice to Meet You

Played with the snow amoebas, played with the river amoebas….

Played with Koa’s group, played with Chai’s group, played with the pups.

Healed by the squirrels, played with Ai’s group….surprised by Karen.

What’s this? From what I remember, Karen left 10 days ago.

How can you play that long?


No, let’s just prepare for dinner.

In short, cooking. However, it is impossible for me alone to cook for everyone.

Me and the one eyes are working hard.

I’m like the head chef.

Maa, I don’t hate it so it’s fine….no, no problem.

Everyone’s happy so I’m happy too.


I can just leave everything to the one eyes? I’m a little worried.

They don’t have sense of taste so they don’t understand much.

They seem to be able to remember the amount to use after seeing it once but they can’t adjust the taste while cooking.

That’s kind of hard since the tastes of the ingredients in this world are unstable.

It is necessary to adjust the taste every cooking time.

If it’s just salt and pepper, it will be alright since we can just use sauce.

….it’s a secret but I’m relieved that they can cook.


I’m relieved that they can bake bread as well.

….I don’t regret it but I tried making different kinds of bread.

The bread mixed with fruits was very popular with the wolf and dog pups.

I first baked them as a test product but the pups immediately fought over it.

Unlike their parents, they didn’t know how to control themselves yet…..maa, their parents don’t know either.

Yeah, there are so many of them fighting that I found it amazing.

Next time, I’ll prepare a lot.

I’m in charge of baking bread.


—Scene Change—


Like usual, I’ll play…, let’s change the wordings.

…..I will be on patrol again.

Yeah, patrol….that sounds better.


I was soaking wet every time I checked the snow area and the river.

As I was drying myself with magic, I saw a three eyes.

It looked at me with great sadness.


The next day, after my morning play….I mean morning patrol, I was given dry clothes.

Thank you.

Each time I was given clothes, it had a different design and color.

I’m already scared with how many my clothes are.


I’m currently on the wood deck for fruit water time.

I think it’s time for me to go into the forest and find some tea.


….who are you?

There is a tree standing before me.

I know what this is, a nanafushi.

TN: Nanafushi = walking stick insect. It’s a tree so I did not translate it to walking stick.

It’s around 10 times bigger than the nanafushi I know.

However, it is certainly a nanafushi.


Is this a monster?

This nanafushi was brought by Karen.

Ehto, did you bring it here to brag?

Recently, when I compliment someone, that one will push its chest out.

She’s trying to tell me something using gestures.



I don’t know what to compliment….don’t look at me like that.

That’s good.


So, what do we do now?


No matter where I look at the nanafushi, it’s a tree…shouldn’t it be an insect?

It’s wood alright.

It has six legs.

It has six legs but it’s only using two to stand.

….can it walk normally?

It looks like it can.


The nanafushi moves its front legs to point direction.

Does this mean that it wants me to go somewhere?

Karen introduced it so I guess there shouldn’t be any problem.


—Scene Change—


I’m currently in the forest while being guided by the nanafushi.

The squirrels are following us.

There are also spiderlings, Koa’s group, and Shuri.

It’s a lively group.


We arrived at the destination…..there is a tree thicker than any tree I’ve ever seen.

The only problem is that this tree is withering and looks dying.

I touched it and felt sad.

When I looked at the nanafushi….it seems like it has two other companions.

The three of them are watching me.


…..they seem to want something from me.

This is troublesome. What am I supposed to do?


As I hold the tree using my hands, I can feel magic naturally flowing into the tree.

Should I pour my magic?

I looked at the nanafushi and it did not do anything to stop me which means it’s okay.

Then, I poured magical power into the tree.




All the leaves of the tree fell and withered.


No way, it died.

The nanafushis also approached the tree in surprise.

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Yeah, I guess it didn’t go as planned.

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