Chapter 24

「Hey, are you done cooking too? Ours is ready.」

「Then, we’ll go over there.」

Ashi-san and the other girls took their shares and went to Hirose’s group. However, in return, Wakamiya-san and Hirose came to us.

「Please eat the gratin we made.」

The two of them had left their table and brought four half servings of gratin on the desk.

Apparently, it had been decided that the four of us would eat together. I hadn’t been informed though. I wasn’t told about it but….when Shinozaki was deciding on the group, he said he wanted to take it easy but he also wanted to eat Wakamiya-san’s handmade food. Now I’m wondering if handsome face can make your wishes come true or not….

Let’s just sit down. We put our hands together, it’s time to eat.


「Of course!」

「You’re just a dishwasher, why are you so proud?」

I tsukomied when Shinozaki responded to Wakamiya-san with great pride.

「It’s really delicious. Your cooking skill is good. As expected of someone who cooks every day.」

「You’re saying that but the gratin you made is delicious too.」

「Thank you.」

Hirose blushed and looked down. I wonder if she’s happy that she was praised, or was the minestrone hot?

「Amane-kun, please call her by her first name. Mei-chan worked hard to make it.」

「That’s right Amane, don’t run away.」

I don’t know why but they have been forcing me to call Hirose by her first name. I’m trying to dodge it by using pronouns but Wakamiya-san began to point it out. Shinozaki’s on Wakamiya-san’s side every time so my disadvantage is 1 to 3. Or rather, the four of us have been eating lunch together after the vacation.

「Ehto, your gratin is also delicious, Mei.」

Hirose’s face turns even redder.

This isn’t good, right? I mean, I’m getting embarrassed more than I should be too.

「He suddenly calls her by her first name, Kazuya-kun.」

「Perhaps Amane is that kind of guy.」

「What is “that kind of guy”?」

I did it because you have been stirring it up. If you’re just going to make fun of me, go home.

「That said, it means that no one would spit on Amane-kun now.」


What do you mean by spit? Bullying? Or literally spitting on me? Are you telling me that if I didn’t call Hirose by her first name, I’ll be a target of bullying? I don’t get what’s happening. Top caste sure is scary.

「Is he making a weird misunderstanding again?」

「I guess so. His face is completely blue.」

What do you mean by weird misunderstanding? Is there any other meaning to spit?

「However, the taste of the food made by Amane is really good. I want to eat it every day.」

「Are you seriously saying that after eating the gratin I made?」

As the one who cooked, I’m happy but I feel bloodlust from Wakamiya-san. Wakamiya-san is scary. Can you think about it first before saying something?

「Kazuya-kun, we need to talk.」

Goodbye Shinozaki, please don’t get me involved.


「Let’s leave them alone. They’ll start flirting soon. However, it is true that this gratin is delicious.」

「Really? I think it’s because I’ve started helping my mom. I’m not as good as Souta but I’m getting better. 」

「I see. By the way, do you have enough? Would you like some bread with that? 」

I felt like her food was too little so I took out the French bread I bought at the convenience store with the ingredients.

「I’ll have a slice.」

「Do you want it as it is?」

「Are you planning to do something?」


I put some of the leftover sauteed butter sauce that I had left Shinozaki to clean up back into the frying pan and put the bread in. I waited a little while the delicious aroma spread throughout the cooking room.

Isn’t this some kind of vicious food terrorism? Wouldn’t the students upstairs, who are fighting hunger for the last ten minutes of the 4th period, be offended? I just hope they don’t come here to protest in an armed uprising.

「Amane, here.」

Shinozaki, who has just finished talking, comes over with a plate.

Shinozaki, didn’t you learn anything from earlier?


Not only Hirose, but Wakamiya-san was also hesitant to get some because there’s a lot of garlic.

By the way, there are only five slices of French bread. Shinozaki ate 2 pieces before I knew it so I only ate one….this guy really doesn’t know what holding back means.

「Toast one for me please.」

「Me too.」

「Got it.」

「「Today’s study session is canceled.」」


Are you worried about the smell that much? We’re eating the same thing. According to Yuna’s shoujo manga, it doesn’t matter as long as you smell the same.

「It’s toasted, here.」

「Only someone who cooks every day can immediately think of something like this.」

「As expected of a pro.」

No, this is already part of my plan from the beginning. I will extort Shinozaki to buy something later.

A lot of things happened but the cooking class ended easier than I thought.

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