Chapter 101 – It’s a Tree Alright….Koa is the Best


Very awkward.


I look at the dead tree.

This tree is terribly old and big.

And to think I’ve killed such a tree which is probably very important to the nanafushis.

….what should I do?



Is there something at the base of the dead tree?

As I approached, light suddenly shined from the part I was looking at.


I can’t help but close my eyes.

Please don’t do something like that suddenly.

When the light finally calmed down, I looked at it again and found nothing.

….what was that?


I checked the surroundings.

There doesn’t seem to be any problem with Koa and the others.

The spiderlings are fine.

The squirrels looked surprised but they’re fine too.

The nanafushis are….sorry, I don’t know how to determine their expression.

But I’m sure they’re fine.


Hnn? What is this?

Something’s stuck on my pants.

…ehto, looks like a tree.

It’s a tree alright.

It’s a small tree with 6 roots. It can use them to move on the ground but it’s certainly a tree.

Is this an enemy?


Perhaps not. It gives off a very friendly feeling.

The nanafushis were stupefied when they saw the monster tree.

I waved my hand in front of the nanafushi….

Are they alright?

I wonder what happened? I made the tree wither then, attracted a tree monster.

Is today not my lucky day?



Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you.

Ah, by the way, Koa’s group and the spiderlings are unusually quiet.

I looked around and for some reason, everyone’s eyes were wide open in surprise.




I look around again.

The only thing that has changed is the tree monster.

? Is it because of this?

But it’s not even scary.

What should I do?


—Scene Change—


I apologized to the nanafushis because there was nothing I could do about the dead tree.

I’m not even sure what went wrong.

So, about the tree monster….I had to bring it home.

…..I had no choice but to bring it home because it wouldn’t let my pants go.

When I tried to manually remove its grip on me, it used all of its other branches to grab me.

A strange scene. Strange enough to overlook its growth speed.

I watched it a little longer.

Then, decided to bring it home.

I will let it stay on the new square…

The underground area of that place is important.

Hmmm….I wonder if it will even root itself.

It walks using its roots after all.

 Maa, I guess it will work out somehow.


The nanafushis are coming with us too?

On the way back, I saw the nanafushis are walking with us.

Well, it’s okay.

I’m sure they won’t cause any problems, probably.


—Scene Change—


They liked the area near the lake next to our residence.

Even so, why is everyone reacting the same way?

…..the moment they see the monster tree, they will stop moving on the spot.

In short, they’re stupefied.

Perhaps there’s something special about this little one.

….it’s a tree, right?

I don’t see anything strange about it other than it can move.


I feel a little uneasy.

However, Koa gestured as if saying everything’s okay.

I nodded to her.

I guess it’s okay since the reliable Koa was with us from the beginning.

If Koa says it’s okay, it means it’s okay.

I’m sorry for worrying you.

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It’s amazing. The roots instantly burrowed into the soil.

I mean, are they going to settle down here?

Will there be a problem….Fluffy’s fine with them.

I guess there’s none.

…..I wonder if the trees around me have also taken root by moving places like this.

This is a different world so that’s possible.

Trees are moving on their own.

If this is Japan, you can only read it at Mu.

TN: Mu is an occult magazine.

…..seeing the tree monsters….moving….aren’t they cute?

Only if you’re watching from a distance.

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