Chapter 61 – Slaughter Picnic nano desu yo♪

This is Mayu’s story summary.

Mayu had the aptitude to be a sage.

This aptitude is quite rare in this world, and she’s even expected to be an ace among the summoned heroes…

However, she has a gentle character which has become her fatal disadvantage. She can’t even stab a monster during combat training.

In addition, the training facility was a place where they were being trained is a very bad place where they were physically abused.

–          Iron fist punishment

–          Joint responsibility

–          Mutual surveillance

I heard that the situation of those who were transported in this world has worsened because of those.

On top of that, Miyamoto’s group has escaped, making the already clampdown facility even tighter.

The problem that arose after that was “joint responsibility”.

Immediately after Minamoto’s group’s escape, Mayu was put in the crosshairs and the severity of joint responsibility and mutual surveillance rose off the roof.

Every time Mayu could not kill a monster, an iron fist punishment will befall everyone in the name of joint responsibility….that worsen the situation.

Mayu, who had accumulated grudge from her friends, was pushed down to the bottom of the abyss pretending it was an accident during a practice monster subjugation mission.

She was injured severely to the point that she wandered between life and death but she was saved at the bottom of the valley by an eccentric sage who lives…in a village nearby.

She was having a peaceful life while being trained by the sage there but an incident occurred.

The sage who took her in died of an illness.

The area around the village was unsafe but thanks to the sage, Mayu’s mentor, who’s looking over that place, that area was reasonably peaceful.

And of course, since the sage died of illness, bandits and armed robbers began to attack the village.

The village was abandoned by the lord because it was in a remote area and the village itself was in a state of ruin.

The villagers spent their meager savings to hire adventurers to go out and defeat the bandits.

And Mayu, being a disciple of the sage, joined the bandit subjugation—

—as a result, she ended up lying in a pool of blood near my residence.

「Umu. Curry is delicious as expected!」

And so, Mayu’s story ended with the smiling Cornelia refilling her curry.

「What happened, Mayu?」

「The subjugation group has been annihilated and I think the village will face hard retaliation.」

「Maa, I guess they would.」

「My wound has healed….I have to go back. Even if I won’t win….there should be something I can do for everyone.」

When I tried to say something, Ouroboros shook her head to the left and right.

「Master, this is presumptuous of me….」

「What’s the matter?」

「I think it’s best if you don’t.」

「What do you mean?」

「—master, it is none of your business.」

「You’re saying….」

「That’s a normal story in this world and you can hear it everywhere. If you will make a move with something only at this level, things will get out of control.」

「That may be the case but….」

Suddenly, Cornelia barged in.

「Hey, you.」

「Hnn? What is it?」

「Today’s curry is a bit different from the usual.」

「Why? Is she the one who cooked it?」

Then, Mayu nodded.

「The secret ingredient is instant coffee. Also, maybe….it has more garlic than usual.」

Cornelia was speechless and opened her eyes wide.

「This lady….no, you….can make curry?」

TN: she now calls Mayu with the polite version of “you”. The same way she calls Tatsuya.

「Yeah. My mother died early so it has become my job to cook.」

「The idea of putting instant coffee to curry….there’s no way someone from this world will have that idea. At least that’s what I think. Curry is really something that can only be made by the inhabitants of that world.」

Cornelia was somewhat convinced by herself. She tapped Mayu’s shoulder.

「If Tatsuya’s not here, I would have appointed you as the minister of curry.」

What is a minister of curry….

Given the flow of the story….it looks like Ouroboros also thought about it too. We sighed together.

「So….what were you saying? About some bandits?」


Then, Cornelia stood up and began to clench her fist.

「It has been decided! Let’s go to war!」

—at that moment, the overkilling of the bandits was confirmed.

「Sounds fun nano desu♪」

「Captain! How many carrots are we going to bring?」

「Picnic desu♪」

—at that moment, the annihilation of the bandits was confirmed.

「Master….let’s bring back the treasures of the bandits. That will be a good additional budget for our family. They’ll be annihilated anyway.」

—at that moment, the bankruptcy of the bandits was confirmed.

「I have an idea! How about we also ask the villagers to give us rewards?」

—at that moment, the villager’s grateful smile turning into a wry smile was confirmed.

「Ah, I’ll be guarding the house. I still have some laundry.」

「I can’t fight.」

Then, leaving Maria and Katya behind….the slaughter picnic led by the demon king and her companions began.

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