Chapter 102 – Morning Patrol….Lunchtime is a Relaxing Time

I have established a daily routine of patrolling and checking on my companions.

It’s not like I’m just playing around!


When I wake up in the morning, I’ll be immediately greeted by the one eyes.

I’m the only one who eats breakfast so I’ll eat last night’s leftovers and bread.

Only if there are any leftovers from last night.-0-

There have been some changes in my life.

As the pups grew up, they moved to a hut in the square.

The only ones living in my house are Koa, Chai, Ai, and two of Boss-san’s spiderlings.

However, those two spiderlings won’t be the same spiderlings, they are shifting every day.

Shuri’s on her hole like always.

Strange enough, the squirrels are all scattered everywhere.

Fluffy’s in the lake and Flying Lizard is in its hole.

Karen’s on her perch in the field.


The one eyes understands everything so there’s never been a problem.

Like always, no problem today too.


Checking the condition of the snow at Marshmallow’s place.

We play a little snowball fight and sometimes, Koa joins in….I forfeit whenever that happens.

Marshmallow and Koa are playing with snow as if throwing bricks at each other.

They should be playing….sometimes, Boss-san joins too.

Once that happens, it means I need to escape immediately.

I won’t participate but the snow amoebas will force me.


If there’s no problem with snow, the next stop is the river.

We’ll walk along the riverbank to make sure that everything’s okay.

It’s my job so please don’t start shooting water bullets at me.

The number of water amoebas had increased….there were around 20 of them.

I don’t think it’s fair to shoot water bullets at me all at once.


They have shot water bullets at the field before and pissed off the farming corps.

They didn’t say anything but I’m sure they were mad.

The water amoebas lined up properly and bowed their heads.

I don’t know why they’re angry at me too.

I’m a victim, you know….it didn’t get through.


The water amoebas stopped shooting water bullets at the field since.

What about me…..

The farming corps is more influential than me.

….I don’t care anymore!


I was soaked with water so I went home to change.

I changed into the clothes that have already been prepared for me and went to the tree monster.

I no longer care if I had to change with brand new clothes every day.


When I arrived at the tree monster’s place, the nanafushis welcomed me with open arms.

The day after the tree monster came here, I didn’t come to see it so it came to me around noon.

At that time, the atmosphere was….overwhelmingly tragic.

After that, I added going to the tree monster to my daily patrol. I don’t want it to be that sad again.

And please, stop doing “banzai” every time I arrive here.

….or is that some kind of signal from the nanafushis?

I still haven’t been able to communicate with the nanafushis.

I can’t read their gestures too.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t understand them.

I won’t give up but I’m feeling a little discouraged.


After that, it’s time to check the field with the farming corps.

I won’t touch the field.

I’ll just watch the chibi ants, chibi spiders, antlings, and spiderlings.

There are also amoebas in the field.

I can see that they have increased again.

The field amoebas seem to be able to help with farming work.

…….they are being relied on more by the farming corps than me.

Kuh, what’s with this discrimination!


We also checked the fruit forest.

……..there are field amoebas here too.

I wonder if I can help here.

….I got a head shook.

I’ll just look around then.

Good luck with harvesting.


Of course, I’ll patrol my house too.

The giant bugs seem to be doing well.

I’m not sure if they are stressed or not since they only stay in a certain room all these times.

I asked the three eyes there and it said there’s no problem.

I guess they are okay.

I didn’t go into the next room.

It’s a clothes storage room that was created some time ago.

I was worried if the room was already full.

But I’ll just pass by it.

I would never look at the skirts in the back of that room!

I didn’t even know that the number of skirts is slowly increasing!


One day, they asked me to change to one….I refused intensely.

 It looks like they accepted my refusal and never brought me a skirt again.



Lastly, I checked the storage room and the processing room.

My whole morning was spent with just looking around….this is a big place.

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Lunch is a relaxing time.

Nothing much to do….

I think I’ll go find some tea.

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