Chapter 103 – Commander of the 4th Knight Order (3)

-Emperors Kingdom 4th Knight Order’s Commander’s POV-

I found my friend.

We met in a strange place.

Considering the direction where he came from, he should have come from the slave house.

「We met in an unusual place.」

「Hnn? Ah, right.」

He was startled so he must have been thinking something.

It looks like you’re going to the knight’s training ground too so let’s go together.

Since our previous mission failed, the 4th Knight Order is basically free.

No, they are training but they don’t have the same vigor as before.

I’ve already accepted that it can’t be helped.

To the king, incompetents don’t deserve to live.

The only reason we’re still alive now is because he’s focused on other things.

All the members of the 4th knight order know that what will happen to us is unknown.

Will we be given another mission?

Or will our heads be cut off? If that is the case, I hope it will only be me.

The mages that lost their memories were immediately executed.

Thinking about that, it would not be surprising if that order will be given any time now.


—Scene Change—


What’s this?

The knight’s resting station looks very busy.

….is that the 5th knight order?

It’s quite noisy and I can hear them talking.

「The 5th knight order will be used to control the forest….?」

5th knight order.

They are known as combat maniacs.

It is also said that they are the most loyal knight order to the king and they are being supported by the kingdom.

They continue to produce results without the fear of death and will use any means to fulfill the king’s wish.

…..the 5th knight order going to the forest.

「If the 5th knight order moves….」


….he immediately interrupted what I was about to say.

My friend is very smart.

He had been doing a lot of research about the forest.

For a time, everyone around, including me, thought it was a waste of time.

However, he was right.


I honestly believe that fighting is the only thing I can do for a living.

I’m confident that I can defeat any monster or demon beast.

That’s the main reason why I was entrusted as the commander of the 4th knight order.

Maa, I’ve made a blunder.


This friend of mine is also strong enough for me to recognize him.

However, I recently realized that he can see the world clearer than anyone.

I sometimes wonder if he even knows what’s going on in this country right now.

「The enemy knows us but, do we know the enemy?」

「….isn’t it the forest?」

「You said it yourself, the forest is no longer the forest we know.」

That’s right. The forest gave me a different impression from the forest I know.

The forest has changed.

Why is that?

I have no idea.

「Has it changed? Or has it regained its original power?」

Original power.

The power of the forest when the kings of the forest are protecting it.

We don’t know when.

We don’t know when but there’s an existence that revived the forest.

Is that the enemy of this country?

An existence that has the power to revive the forest.

I felt my body tremble slightly.

I thought I threw my fears away a long time ago when I decided to become a knight.

However, what is this uncomfortable feeling running inside me?

「The enemy of this country is the forest but who do you think is the enemy of the world?」

My face distorted hearing what my friend had said.

It’s true that the enemy of this country is the forest or the existence in it.

As for the enemy of the world…

….the world….as I recall, the forest is the world itself….

If that is true, then, the existence that the forest sought is the existence that this world sought.

The enemy of that existence is the enemy of this world…..this country….


I am very stunned with that answer. I stared at my friend.

My friend is looking at the 5th knight order who are having a good time at the knight’s resting station.

I can’t read any emotion on his face.

However, when he looks at me, he smiles for a moment.

「Not necessarily the right answer.」

No, I feel like that’s the closest right answer.

I am very convinced.

If the 5th knight order were to challenge the forest to a battle, it would be….

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The power of the forest dropped to the lowest using the magic stone strengthened by ancient magic and current magic.

That power was eroded for the last hundreds of years.

And an existence revived it in just a few months.

How can mere humans challenge such an existence?

「I think there are some things that we should never turn into enemies.」

I heard my friend’s voice in the distance.

For the first time in my life, I felt an unfathomable existence.

How powerful is the existence we are waging war against?

….how much anger will we incur?

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