Chapter 62 – Great Slaughter Picnic nano desu yo♪

「Fuhn fuhn fuhn♪」

Cornelia took the lead while humming in high spirit.

And, well, that’s our current status…walking through the forest of no return.

Our destination is the village where Mayu lived, near the hut of the sage.

No, to be precise, the hideout of the bandits who are said to be living in the nearby mountains.

「Nano ja♪Nano ja♪Picnic nano ja♪」

Cornelia’s really in a good mood.


She’s eating the devil boar katsu sandwich that Maria made for her.

This girl in a good mood….is eating while walking without minding anything else.

By the way, the bread of the sandwich has curry roux spread on it so it’s basically curry katsu sandwich.

「By the way, who’s that chibi girl?」

Maa, it’s normal for Mayu to ask that after what’s been happening.

—she’s a legal loli.

Mayu doesn’t watch anime so she doesn’t know the term “legal loli” in the first place.

Cornelia is also so bossy and Ouroboros and Maria treat her with full respect.

It’s hard not to be bothered by her chibi girl appearance.

—so, how exactly should I explain this to Mayu?

Maa, it’s probably best to answer her question honestly.

「A demon king」

「….demon king?」

Mayu thought for a long time while tilting her head.

「Demon king….that demon king?」

「Yeah, the same demon king you’re thinking of.」



Again….she thought for a while. Suddenly, she almost collapsed like she’s suffering from a severe case of anemia.

「Hey, are you okay?」

I managed to support her by her shoulder but she has a pale face.

「No more….I can’t take it anymore. What’s with your friend circle, uncle? You can’t be serious.」

There’s no way I can answer her question.

I don’t even know how all of this happened.

「Well, a lot of things happened.」

「No, but, this is the first time I collapsed because of feeling anemic after the principal’s long morning speech before.」

「It would be better not to think about it.

And then, Cornelia stopped.」

「What’s the matter, Cornelia?」

「We are in the middle of a picnic….maa, for now, we are marching, right?」

「Yeah, that’s basically it.」

「However, this is the demon king army….aren’t we too few?」






Aside from us 5, there are 10 hand-riding rabbits so there are only 15 of us.

Well, we are indeed too few to be called the demon king’s army.

「Even so, in the first place….we don’t have that much manpower….」

Cornelia grinned and stuck out her flat chest.

「Who do you think I am?? Aren’t I the evil dragon of darkness!?」

「….what are you trying to say?」

Cornelia snapped her fingers.

「This is what I’m trying to say!」

A magic circle with a radius of 100 meters ran across the ground and the whole place was enveloped in a flash of light—

—the next thing I noticed is that the whole place is covered with the smell of decay.


Looking at the scene around, Mayu collapses on the spot.

And Ouroboros said “Against some…bandits….!?” while holding her head.

「Ufufufu♪Smelly nano desu♪Very smelly nano desu♪」

「Hahaha! Are you kidding me? Dragon zombie….are you serious?」

「Hou. She’s really not just a legal loli.」

The hand-riding rabbit’s excitement soared.

When I was about to ask why she did it….

「This is how the evil dragon of darkness do her things—I should have at least this many subordinates when I move!」

Maa, in other words, she summoned around a hundred dragon zombies…..a dragon zombie is around three times the size of an African elephant you’ll see at a zoo.

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