Chapter 104 – Into the Forest…Caterpillar!

Let’s go find some tea.

It’s not because I’m bored. Really.

It’s because I want some tea.


Of course, I’ll be accompanied by some.

It looks like my companions for this trip are Ai, Chaya, and Sasa.

There are also two squirrels and two spiderlings up in the trees.

I guess they’re there to guard me.

Thank you.


We sprinted through the part of the forest we hadn’t explored before.

There seemed to be another kind of berry that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t want to touch them….I mean, are they even okay to touch?

Maa…they are purple and thorny and black.

Are you sure they are edible?


I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do it.

Let’s wait until I’m a little braver.


I found a fruit that looks really delicious.

Oh, it’s poisonous?

It’s an ant poison?

It has a very sweet smell and it feels like a peach.

A poisonous fruit.


Too bad because it looked delicious.

If I’m not accompanied by anyone, I would have died of poisoning after trying it out.


Ah, those fruits that look unpleasant….you want to take them home?


It’s a reddish black, marble patterned fruit we just saw.

I guess it’s okay because they said it’s okay.

I did my best to harvest them.

I looked at my hand after harvesting and nothing’s unusual.

It seems to be okay.

….No, I trust you.


We took a break.

I brought out hamburgers for us.

Ai and the others….they’ll have ten of them with more meat.

I brought fruit water too!

…..the spiderlings are happily chewing a whole eggplant….is it good?

The squirrels have just harvested fruits so they should be okay.

You’re okay, right?




I’ve never seen a tea tree before.

I’ve never even made my own tea….I only drink some from plastic bottles!

….I guess it’s impossible for me to find one.


What should I do?

Ai, can you do me a favor?

I drank fruit water and then pointed at some leaves.

Did he understand?


….Hahaha. Impossible.

I plucked a nearby leaf, poured some water out, put the leaf on it, and pretended to drink it.

Then, I showed him the leaf.

Please understand…..impossible.

This is harder than magic.

I wonder how I can get the message to him.




Is he asking me to follow him?

Let’s follow him for now.

We’ve been running for quite some time but, where are we going?

We’ve arrived at a certain place….a red lake.

….eh? Blood?

No, I guess not.

Nothing changed even after I casted purification so it’s not a curse but, why is it red….

Come to think of it, there’s one on earth too….a pink lake or something.


Ai pointed to a tree.

As I approach it, I see that it has fruits.

Is this it?


I stared at Ai and Ai stared back at me.

….I pick and smell one. No scent.

Let’s at least try.

I break it open and…it’s hard.

Rock knife….slippery. It’s now cut in two.

Inside it is seeds.

That’s it.


Did he get what I’m trying to say?

Anyway, I’ve prepared some water and seeds….no?

The skin?

I cut the skin off….I did what I could.

When I put it in water, the color becomes slightly red.


And now, I’m looking at it with eyes full of expectations.


I took a sip.

It’s not tea but it has an indescribable refreshing feeling to it.

It’s also slightly sweet and delicious.

It’s a little thin but if I process it a little, it might taste better.

I patted Ai’s head and thanked him.

Thanks for understanding me too!


It’s not tea but I think I’ve found a substitute for it.

Still, this refreshing feeling is addictive.

If the taste is only a little thicker….I’ll work hard to process this.

I harvested and harvested until I’m satisfied.


—Scene Change—


All we have to do now is go home.

On the way back, we explored a different road than the one we took on the way there.

There are still a lot of fruits that I’ve never seen before.

…..and I’m not gonna touch them.

I almost got poisoned again.

I would never touch anything alone again, ever.


As I’m running through the forest, something falls in front of me.

I was startled!

The thing that suddenly fell is….a caterpillar?

That caterpillar feels extremely hostile….and big.

It has brown hair, like the ones you’ll see in Japan, but this one here has fangs and horns….very fierce looking!


It fell from above, didn’t it?

I looked up and….I shouldn’t have done that.

The tree was infested with caterpillars.

Then, they all suddenly jumped to us….this is bad.

I panicked when they were falling but they stopped in midair.


Oh, there were countless webs spread by the spiderlings.

The caterpillars were all caught in them.



Let’s escape.

Thank you, spiderlings!

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I was buried in caterpillars….in my dream.

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