Chapter 105 – Once a Day….Wine

A caterpillar chased me….it was a dream.

There are caterpillars falling from above….it was a dream.

I hate those things!


I can’t sleep.


This fake tea is great.

I dried the skin and the taste thickened, success.

It’s relaxing, tastes gentle, and is good for someone who lacks sleep….


This fake tea….should I really call it fake?

For the current me, tea is good, onions are good, potatoes are good.

Thus, I made some nikujaga the next day.

My lack of sleep slows down my judgment a lot…No, is it the usual?


….the fruits we saw that day were brought in front of me.

Is this some kind of harassment?

You even scattered around in a wide area to bring them….

They’re safe for consumption?


….Then, let me do the honor.


Melon….it looks like melon…..a melon with an eerie red marble design.

It’s delicious.

Its ripe sweetness runs in my mouth….

Why did I hate this even though I’ve never eaten this….No, let’s challenge one fruit per day.

I’ll taste another one tomorrow.


I feel energized even though I’m not sleeping well.

I think I can sleep well today.


—Scene Change—


Sleep is important.


….my companions are giving off a strange atmosphere this morning.

Today, they didn’t go hunting.

What happened?


The little ones were a little scared by the atmosphere given off by their parents.


….is it time for harvest?

Let me help!

Koa and the others…..are going to help us with transporting the harvest. I see.


Even so, the harvest was great.

We harvested from morning till night and still failed to harvest them all.

Let’s work hard.


….ah, you are preparing for barbeque?

Okay, do your best.


Finally, to the fruit forest!

This is the last place to harvest.


Why are you all so aggressive?


Right, we’re out of wine.

However, you can’t drink it right away.

We need to let it ferment first or it will lose its flavor if I magically speed it up.


….don’t be so shocked.


Let’s just do our best to harvest them.

Maa, I guess we won’t run out of grapes since the farming corps has doubled the size of the vineyard.

….areh? The number of drinkers has increased…? Will we be okay?


…..hahahaha. As expected of the farming corps.

They expanded the vineyard again.

It’s about five times the size of the first fruit forest and the vines are all lined up beautifully.

It’s breathtaking.

Hnn? Making barrels?

Yeah, I’ll work hard.


I did what I could.

The barrels are rising up in front of me.

No, I think it is better to say they are piling up.

As soon as I finish one, Boss-san will take it, fill it, and put it on the finished product side.

Can you stop waiting for me like madmen? You’re scaring me.


The speed of one eyes crushing grapes….it’s horrifying.

The farming corps has started participating in winemaking too.

Now, there’s a large number of barrels in the wine cellar.

And you know what, the wine cellar can no longer fit more.

Now, there’s another wine cellar on the 2nd floor.

Maa, as long as everyone’s happy.

You can’t drink it yet, you can’t.

Be patient.


—Scene Change—



A spiderling is running so fast as if its life is on the line.

Eh, a one eye?

The spiderling is escaping from a one eye.

It can run that fast?

I’ll go after them.

The one eye kicked the spiderling….ah, spiderling…..


The one eye nodded in satisfaction and came back.

Ehto, is it still alive?

Okay, I see.



It beckons me so I follow it.

… cellar.

I see, so that’s what happened.

Hahaha, thank you.

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By the way, could it be that the one eyes are strong….?

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