Chapter 28

Shinozaki and I left the Shinozaki house to go to Wakamiya-san’s house.

After parting ways with Wakamiya-san and Mei, we planned to buy some drinks and snacks, pick up the cake, and then head to Wakamiya-san’s house after. However, I was brought to Shinozaki’s house. I thought it was to collect party goods they had bought but Shinozaki suddenly came to me while holding hair wax. In no time, my hair, which is usually messy from sleeping, was fixed.

He also stripped me of my tattered uniform and made me change into my casual clothes which looked refreshing at this time of the year.

「Oi, it’s about time for you to explain this outfit of mine.」

「That’s my and Nanaka’s present to Hirose.」

「I don’t understand.」

「Our present is the dressed-up you.」

I still don’t understand. How can that be a present? If people say who it is they don’t want, I’ll be the one who’ll get hurt the most.

「Don’t worry, we have prepared some other things too. The main is you.」

「I want to hear from you that you’re joking.」

「I’ll give you the clothes and the wax so from now on, you better behave in front of Hirose.」

No, why? What do you mean? Of course, my protest was ignored.

Aside from that, I’m annoyed by the glances I’ve been getting since a while ago. When I’m with Shinozaki, I have to deal with these stares. We’ve also been approached a lot since a while ago so I think I’ll tip off Wakamiya-san about this handsome guy.

「We’re almost there so I’ll give you this.」

He handed me a cracker. This wasn’t part of the plan either. I thought they were supposed to tell me any plan changes over the phone. Was there another miscommunication because of Shinozaki?

「What’s this?」

「That’s called a cracker. It’s a famous party item.」

Hey, Shinozaki, are you making fun of me? I know what a cracker is and I’ve already used one before. I’ve only used them once when we celebrated Yuna’s birthday.

「I know that much. What I want to know is what are we going to do with these?」

「Hirose will be the one who’ll open the door for us and we’re going to use this as soon as she opens the door.」

As he said that, Shinozaki entered a high-rise apartment building that looked like it had been recently built and had expensive rent. The door of the entrance opened up, we entered, and got on the elevator.

Unlike the ragged elevator in the apartment where my parents live, this was spacious and quiet. I’ve never been to a place like this and feel like I’m somehow out of place. Shinozaki seems to be fine. It looks like he’s been here several times. Maa, if I think more, it will lead to a vivid story so I’ll just stop.

「Now, I’ll press the intercom so get ready.」

While I’m thinking of something stupid, Shinozaki told me that. We stopped in front of a corner apartment.

A corner room on the upper floor of such an expensive apartment, who is this Wakamiya-san? Is she a young lady or something? The lunch I brought is a party menu made with cheap ingredients, is this alright?

「You’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you.」

Without waiting for my reply, he pressed the intercom. The door opened and Mei greeted us. Behind her is Wakamiya-san who, like us, is holding a cracker and looking at us. We step into the door, pull the string, and greet her together.

「Happy birthday to you.」

「Happy birthday.」

「Happy birthday.」

「Eh? Wait? Eh?」

Mei was confused. Maa, she’s surprised. Everyone told her that this is a post-test party but it suddenly became her birthday celebration.

「Thank you, everyone.」

Mei shyly expresses her gratitude with a picturesque smile.

When we moved to the living room, we left the lunch and everything we brought to the homeowner and took our seats.

「What’s with your outfit, Souta?」

「Shinozaki did this to me.」

「That’s my and Kazuya’s present! A fashionable Amane-kun!」


That’s right. That’s a normal reaction. Shinozaki aside, Wakamiya-san said so with confidence.

「It all started when we met you during the golden week. Kazuya said “Amane-kun was decent then but normally, he’s a disappointment.” and thought of this. Maa, it’s also because Mei-chan said you wanted to see Amane-kun dressed up properly again.」

Alright, Shinozaki. I’m going to tell Wakamiya-san what you did earlier. However, you could have told me about it earlier. I think I can fix my hair myself.

「I see, thanks!」

Oi, did you really like what this idiot couple did?

「Thank you too, Souta. Do you hate it?」

「I don’t mind but, do I even look good?」

「You’re getting cooler. Have you been approached?」

「Only as Shinozaki’s bonus. When I was walking with him, we’re kind of being showered with gazes. Ah, right, Wakamiya-san, we were delayed because Shinozaki was hooking up with some girls from another school.」

「Really? Thank you for providing information.」

Shinozaki came back from the toilet at the right time, unaware of what’s going on. He was pulled to the kitchen by Wakamiya-san. I’m sure there are many weapons in the kitchens but I believe that Shinozaki can handle it.

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