Chapter 65 – I Can’t be with High School Girls

-Ayukawa Mayu’s POV-


It was an overwhelmingly one-sided battle.

It looks like the battle between Master Roshi and a kindergarten that I saw in a manga.

—I mean….what’s with uncle?

-he has a skill that can order something from Japan.

-the crops he cultivates are all amazing

-he’s so strong

-he’s a good person

-the people around him are OP

I mean, his specs are….strange.

And then I realized….I’m already looking at uncle differently.

His face neither looks good nor bad.

But he’s a little bit cooler…No, I’m talking about the atmosphere.

In addition, since he’s 29 years old, he’s not really an uncle.

I started thinking about it.

—I’ll call him Tatsuya-san from now on.

I’ve been struggling to survive ever since I came to…this world. After I was picked up by the sage, there were no young men around me.

So, if there was a strangely high spec…gentle person who saved my life at such a time….well….maa….I’m sure…..

—ah, what am I thinking?

Then, I realized how I feel.

Yeah….Until now, I was famous for being firm in my belief and I was even called Iron Wall Mayu.

I mean, I was never interested in any man before and that’s the reason why I’ve never dated anyone before.

However… .29-year-old man….

He’s not an uncle but he’s at the age where you can barely call him oniisan.

Then, Tatsuya-san walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder.

「Wait….Mayu. Think again.」


「I’m sorry for giving you the wrong idea but, I’m sorry….I can’t be with a high school girl.」

「Eh? How did you know what I’m thinking?」

「Just now….I just heard Skill: Bug Alert level 10 has been activated.」

「….is that so?」

「….it is so.」

It seems like he can see everything.

I mean, everything is like an ant to him, right?

「In any case, I can’t be with high school girls.」

「Why can’t you be with high school girls?」

「It’s impossible if you’re under 20.」

「….eh? But Sonja-san is….she’s a junior high schooler no matter how you look at her….」

「Have you considered the difference in race….that’s how her race developed. However, you are different….you are human and a genuine high school girl. That’s bad.」

Oh, is that so?

She’s over 20 and only looks like that because she’s from a different race.

I don’t really get it well but I don’t think me being under 20 is a problem.

「But we are in a different world, I don’t think you have to worry about something like that….」

「This is a very serious problem.」

「Serious problem?」

「Yeah, even if you and I are fine with it…socially, mangaly….no, more importantly, it would be bad for Square Enix.」

I-I don’t get what he’s saying but it sounds convincing.

Besides, Tatsuya-san also has a very serious expression so it seems like I have no choice but to agree.

「However, ano….Tatsuya-san?」


So, I told him the shocking truth that I had hidden until now.

「I’m no longer 16 years old. I’m technically 20 years old.」

Then, Tatsuya-san’s ears perked up.

「………What do you mean?」

TN: The manga publisher of this novel is Square Enix. You can read the plot armor explanation in the next chapter.

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