Chapter 106 – Tea…Drunkenness, Madness

A large amount of tea substitute fruits was brought home.

I’m going to try processing them.

Japanese tea leaves are fermented to make black tea.

I wish I could do that too.

Everything I’ll do now is a challenge!

Learning from a number of failures is normal.


For now, I’ll cut the skin into small pieces….hard.

I switched to a knife made of gold ore.

This knife cuts well but I have to keep in mind where my hand and fingers are.

This knife is so sharp that just a graze will cut you. It’s too sharp to the point that it’s scary.

I’m so nervous that I’ll suddenly see my finger fall off.


….I was grazed.

I’m already being careful but the knife still grazed me.

This will be my 10th heal.

Kind of funny if you think.


I cut the skin of the fruit into small pieces and let it dry a little.

Beside me is one of the one eyes using a gold knife to cut the skin into smaller pieces too.

….amazing, the skin is almost uniform in size.



I put the dried fruit skin into a cloth bag and rubbed it.

After 10 minutes, I’m tired.

This is the first time I make tea so I don’t even know what process I should do or if I’m already done.

I’ll work harder a little more….one eye, thank you.


The rubbed fruit skin smells wonderful.

There’s a hint of sweetness.

I wonder if this is enough?

The next step, I think, was to ferment it.

My memory of that TV show is not so clear.

We moved to the fermentation room where temperature is kept constant.



There’s so much fish sauce.


—Scene Change—


Nice smell.

The fermented fruit skin smells fragrant.

It’s not done yet but it’s nice.

The last step is to heat dry them.

Lower the temperature of the pizza oven…not too low.

We only need to burn the crust!

Fail, it totally got burnt.

Let’s try using a pan then.


It seems to have dried nicely.


Let’s try a cup.

….eh, there’s no color?

The aroma is fragrant and sweet, in short, it smells delicious.

The taste is similar to black tea…not really, but it’s delicious.

I think this is acceptable.

The lack of color is a little disappointing though.

At least it tastes great.


—Scene Change—


We’re getting to the point where I can say that the wine is ready though a little early.

The one eyes contacted me….

Anyway, today will be the day we will serve wine again.


Wait, we still have to cook.

Let’s just have a simple barbecue.


A lot of meat and vegetables on skewers.

It’s not worth cooking in a complicated way….they’ll disappear in no time no matter what method of cooking we use.

It will just be a lot of work and we won’t be able to keep up.

After a while, the wine ban was lifted.


Koa’s group brought big bowls on their own.

And they are lining up.

Are you sure you’re not going to spill it?

Magic is so convenient.

Chai’s group and Ai’s group too.

The pups are still….they’re adults?

Then only a little.

Don’t drink too much.


Boss-san and Shuri’s family also brought bowls of their own.

…..the chibi spiders are, hold on, why are you holding bowls the same size as the spiderlings?



The squirrels are…lining up too.

The way they’re holding bowls is kind of cute.

These squirrels are really soothing.


I’ll throw in some for Fluffy and Flying Lizard.

Karen, don’t stick your face directly into the wine barrel!

Look, you’re going to get the one eyes mad at me.


I was right to have them eat first.

There’s currently a monster battle happening in front of me.


The pups only drank 1 bowl….

Was it still too early?

Hmm, perhaps.


Oh, Boss-san broke it.

Pups, run away, run away.

No! Don’t come this way!


…..that was scary.


Shuri versus Ai.

Don’t kill each other, just play.

Is it only my imagination? Am I really feeling bloodlust from the two of them?

It’s just my imagination, right?


Wait, you’re being too serious!


Water’s falling from above.




I can see the water amoebas swinging from the river while stretching their bodies vertically.

….what are you doing?

Areh? There are 5 bowls by the river.

Fluffy carried them?

I see. They’re drunk….ah, they swelled up.

Once again, water came down from above.

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…..I guess this is an isekai war…..

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