Chapter 29

From the kitchen, the food I’ve cooked and brought was warmed and served.

「It looks good as always.」


Shinozaki came next, carrying drinks. How could you be safe?

「Amane, you schemer.」

「No, I did not scheme. I didn’t even try to trick. I only said the truth.」

「You two.」

Wakamiya-san is holding a two liter plastic bottle with a smile. Scary. I’m sure if that hits me, I’ll have a bump.

「I’m sorry.」


「Then, let’s start!」

Wakamiya-san said those words and Mei’s birthday party started. However, we are just eating the food I made from heat resistant containers, drinking juice, and talking.

「This roast beef is really delicious. Is this cooked by Amane-kun too?」

「Ah, that’s right. Do you sell ready to eat roast beef?」

「We don’t even cook roast beef at home in the first place.」

「Mei-chan, you have a lot of siblings, right?」

「That’s right. That’s also the reason why me and Iori’s birthdays are over like it was an ordinary day.」

「Just use Amane Delivery. It is a wonderful service that will make Amane cook and bring you food.」

「I don’t remember starting that business.」

I do a lot of things. Housework, studying. I’m also not in trouble with money to start a delivery business. If I’m having trouble with money, I might want to try though.

「If you offer that service, I’d use it every day because it’s bothersome to cook just for myself.」

「I’m afraid I have no plans to open a restaurant.」

“Boo” voices of condemnation rise from everyone.

Am I trying to make the atmosphere bad? Maa, I wonder if I can make something for Iori-chan’s birthday and give it to her. Somehow, I feel like I’m treating Iori-chan as my favorite.

「It’s your long awaited cake.」

When all the food on the table settled down on our stomachs, Wakamiya-san came to us with a chocolate cake.

「Yeah, it’s from there.」

「It’s really a cake from the cake shop in front of the station!」

「I don’t really know much about it but, is it something amazing?」

I don’t know why Mei was so surprised so I decided to ask her. I don’t eat sweets very often and I only eat the ones that Yuna buys for me so I don’t know about stores or brands or anything related to them.

「They only sell limited quantities everyday, there’s even a line out their door every morning ,and their products are delicious. They are a little pricey though.」

「That’s my mother’s store. I asked her if I could buy a cake for you and she made it for me. She always leave me alone so this is her way of apologizing.」

「It’s Nana-chan’s mother’s store!?」

「That’s right.」

Shinozaki and I were left behind as the sweets talk continued for a while. I’m only listening to the two of them but I already feel my stomach getting sick.


「Right, it’s good.」

Though my stomach felt sick just by listening to them talk, when I put the cake in my mouth, the rich flavor of chocolates spreads to my mouth and it’s not too sweet. I also understood the feelings of those people who are willing to line up in the morning. I want to have Yuna taste it too.

We flatten the cake in no time and Wakamiya-san brought something again.

「It’s now time for presents! Our present is a wallet.」

「We’ll also give you assorted sweets.」

Shinozaki gave a safe one. I should have given food too. However, I was supervised by Yuna so I’ll be okay.

「Here’s from me.」

I gave her a ball pen and hand cream. Yuna said I should give her accessories but I find it scary to enter that kind of store and we’re not in a relationship for me to give her an accessory.

「Can I open it?」

「Please do whatever you wish.」

「Hand cream and ball pen.」

「I thought it would be better if it was something practical. Though you probably won’t use hand cream this time of the year that much.」

「A ball pen is something that can be used everyday which basically means “I want you to feel that I’m always with you.”.」

「What are you saying?」

「You’re so sophisticated, Amane-kun.」

「I’m so happy. Thank you.」

Maa, I’m glad that she’s happy but these bakaple. Don’t tie anything to that. It will make me conscious.

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