Chapter 66 – I Don’t Dislike High School Girls at All

Now, the following are the spoils of the battle.

-Villagers’ reward, 200 gold coins

-Bandit’s gold, 2000 gold coins

-Bandit’s treasure, 7000 gold coins

Yeah, I’m wondering if I can order fine daiginjo sake with these.

I mean, no. I’ve been converting everything into sake.

That’s mainly the reason why I’m always short on money.


By the way, Arisa was trying to haggle with the villagers so I gave her the taste of my fist.

The villagers had given 400 gold coins in advance as a reward to the adventurers guild and it seems that they prepared the remaining 400 coins as a quest completion reward.

Arisa tried to take those 400 gold coins. She said, “At least give us half….” And that’s what happened.


So, we decided not to order sake this time but use what we got to replenish various seasonings.

Lately, Cornelia has been going to our house a lot so I have to replenish a lot of curry powder.

And that’s what happened—


「How can you calculate that fast?」

I muttered that to myself while I was dumbfounded with Mayu. She’s making a balance sheet for the crops and other things we have.

「I’m used to play with abacus….and I can do simple bookkeeping since I went to a business high school.」

「By the way, how good are you with arithmetic?」

「Eh? Without using an abacus, I can…do simple four-digit X four-digit multiplication….mentally.」


This girl is a monster.

Or are people who use abacus will eventually have this type of….superhuman ability to calculate?

In addition to this, she also learned accounting from her business high school.

「Hey, Mayu.」

Then, I patted Mayu’s shoulder.

「Eh? What?」

「You….are hired as the person in charge of accounting!」

In this way, our accounting has become better at a whole new dimension level than before.

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So, that night—

As a celebration for our new accounting manager, we ordered three bottles of cheap whiskey through the zenigeba god.

I also ordered some carbonated water.

To save money, we had a highball party.

Mayu balls herself 20 years old but she has never drink before.

So, I let her give it a try and found that—she’s a big drinker.

Her parents are from Kyushu so it seems like she has a genetic predisposition to drink.

So as usual, we all got drunk in the living room.

And when I crawled to my bed, thinking I could finally sleep alone for the first time after a long time—

—Yeah, I knew it.

I knew that Mayu have gone to bed first.

But, I never thought she’ll go to my bed…

「Ah, Tatsuya-shan….」


It seems like no matter how much of a drunkard’s gene you have, you’ll really lose your mind the first time you get drunk.

「Why are you in my bed?」


Then, I felt her hands on my back.

Maa, the famous confession when drunk scene.

「I can’t be with a high school girl. 」

「Youh know….I….I’m 20, right?」

「No, you look like you’re 16.」

「Ano ne? Really? There’s this convenient space….where you can practice magic and get old faster… 」


「Time runs differently there….2 days here will be 1 year there. So, I trained for 4 years. I should be 20 and look like one….」


I’m pretty sure there was a room like that in a world-renowned manga where aliens with kitchen-related names….waging word-destroying battles….shooting chi from their palms…

It’s a useful setup for getting stronger in a short period of time. It’s a room where time seems to flow differently.

1 day outside is 1 year inside so you can practice hard there….

Wait, oi oi, seriously….

「I—I—I’m….20, okay?」

Then, there’s no problem.

No, but there’s something very forced about this….20 years old….but she looks 16 years old…..

「No, but….I don’t think….」

「Ugh….Tatshuya-shan…..could it be….you dislike me?」

And so, I sighed deeply.

And said this with my honest feeling.

「I don’t dislike you at all.」

—thus, our family increased by one. 

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