Chapter 107 – I Forgot!….Another Cave

The flooded square should be cleaned up by those who caused it.

That means the river amoebas should…..impossible. Ah!

Shuri’s family and Ai’s group, do your best.

It’s not like this is too much of a penalty since you can easily fix it with magic.

Go on.


—Scene Change—


Sorry, I didn’t mean to forget you….

I bow to Marshmallow and the snow amoebas.

Since we made too much noise, they will certainly hear us.

…..I honestly forgot about them.


Let’s see….is that Bossa-san who is buried in snow?

Hahaha, please forgive me.

I’ll inform you next time.

So please don’t go crazy here too.



Boss-san came to me shivering.

Hnn? Koa was buried too?

Hahaha, it’s cold today.


This evening, let’s prepare something for Marshmallow and the snow amoebas.

I’ll prepare them just for you.

Thanks for forgiving me.

Now, let’s have a warm drink!


—Scene Change—


We are still exploring the forest.

We’re only within the barrier but it’s still huge.


My caterpillar sense is tingling….change our direction.

Not that way!


I caught a glimpse of them on the tree. I’m sure of it.

I’ll never get close to it!



We found a cave.

…..and its entrance is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

The big cave seemed to be around 7 meters high.

You can see from the entrance that it continues to go deep inside.

I flew a drone clairvoyance to check the cave from above but it looked like a cave under the forest so I couldn’t tell how big it was.

I couldn’t capture the size of the whole cave system with my spatial recognition either.

…..does that mean it’s gigantic?

Or is it so connected to earth that I can’t distinguish it?

Either way, I’m curious.


I entered the cave.

The air seemed to have changed a bit….or is it my imagination?

It was hard to tell from the entrance but the path seemed to be going down all the way.

I just kept on walking but….there’s no change.

I’m getting bored since we’ve been walking in the cave for quite some time now.

I tried to cast spatial recognition again but it didn’t give me anything.

However, I was able to mark the path we had walked.

It seems that we’ve come down further than we thought.


I think it will take a long time.

We hadn’t prepared so it would be better if we head home.

If we stay too late, the others will worry about us.

I don’t know why they’re so worried about me.

Is it because I’m weak?

Perhaps it is….in order to become stronger, I need to have practical experience in fighting….but, would I fight against Koa or Boss-san?

I can only see how I’ll die during the training.


They are playing in the square on days they are not hunting but no matter how I look at it, it looks like training.

Should I participate?

…..that will definitely make me go to the afterlife.

I’ve got everything I need to survive so there’s no need to do that.

I’m being spoiled by everyone, aren’t I?

Let’s call it a day for now.


I told them that we’ll return so we all moved on.

The cave path is big, by the way.

…..No way, could a monster this big be living here?

….let me check the size of this cave again.

Hahaha, no way.

Maa, should we not explore the cave ever again?

Though I think it’s already too late for that.

What….I feel….those!

「Fire daruma!」

Fire rages near the entrance of the cave.

Countless of those things that are crawling on the ground turned into black charcoal.

I checked the surroundings and saw that they were coming from the trees….

「Earth dango」

I trapped those innumerable things on the trees with soil.

If I burn them on the trees, fire will spread to the forest.

I was relieved until I felt the movement from inside the soil.

Could those things possibly come out of the soil?

「Fire daruma!」

What I’m doing could possibly be treated as cruel but….I don’t like those things!

I no longer feel any sign of them when I look around.

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What’s wrong, guys?

They’re not here anymore so it’s okay.

Those natural enemies of mine scared my companions!

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