Chapter 30

「Good morning」

「Yeah, good morning」

One day after Mei’s birthday party, Shinozaki approached me, who’s still tired from yesterday.

「You look so tired.」

「I’m tired because of what we did yesterday.」

「I have bad news for you. Today’s PE class is pool cleaning.」


I wondered if my body, which had not yet recovered due to doing something I’m not used to, would be able to withstand the physical labor of cleaning the pool under the blazing sun.

「The ladies heard about it and went to the convenience store to buy sunscreen.」

So that’s why I passed by the girls from my class on the way up the stairs. I never thought that there were sunscreens in the convenience store behind the school.

「PE is only two hours long, the third and fourth period, due to class changes. Why don’t I get some sleep first?」

I thought that it would be the hottest time of the day so I said to myself “I guess I should” and slammed down on my desk.

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I don’t know if my nap on my desk had an effect but time flew by before I knew it and it was already time for PE.

「Hot, hot, it’s hot alright.」

「Do you want to take a bath with this hose?」

Shinozaki is holding the hose. Who gave this guy the hose? Moreover, it hasn’t been used yet.

「It’s certainly hot today but it’s a good time to clean the pool.」

「Don’t you think so?」

Those were Wakamiya-san, Mei, and Ashi-san. It seems like Ashi-san’s in charge so it became difficult to skip. Maa, this will only be today and it’s impossible for the PE teacher to oversee the pool cleaning alone so Miyano-sensei is also here. I can’t escape.

The world is trying to get me to work. This is so painful.

Before I knew it, Shinozaki’s equipment had become a brush from a hose. It seems like Shinozaki will be on our side this time. That’s good since his physical strength would be helpful for this job.

「Amane-kun, what do you think of Mei-chan’s ponytail?」

When I was thinking and itching to start cleaning, Wakamiya-san came with Mei.

「ehto, that is…」

Her long blonde hair is tied into a slightly higher position and every time she moves, I can see her usually hidden nape. For me who has a nape fetish, this is too stimulating.

「I think it suits you well. You look great.」

「Amane has a nape fetish so he honestly can’t resist you.」

I slammed Shinozaki’s head with the handle of the deck brush.

「Oi, Shinozaki and Amane over there, start cleaning.」

Miyano-sensei, who’s physically and socially above us, urges us to work. I don’t want to get hurt physically, mentally, or socially so I obeyed her quietly.


After some cleaning, I looked at the trash at the edge of the pool and the creatures that had made this place their home.

「What do we do with them?」

「Ah, we’re not good with bugs so we’ll pass. We can only rely on Shinozaki and Amane.」

By the way, frogs are not categorized as bugs, are they? I think they were the opponents of those creatures.

「Amane, what are we going to do with the sergeants??」

Shinozaki had collected the frogs in a tank in the preparation room. He showed it to me and asked.

There were quite a few of them. The tank is small but it reminds me of a crowded train. Also, stop calling the frogs sergeants. Why are you even calling them that?

TN: Sgt.Keroro reference.

「Why don’t we just let them escape into the bushes behind the pool?」

Aye aye sir

Since Shinozaki can handle the frogs alone, I leave him be.

When I was wondering what to do with the dragonfly larvae and the others, a classmate, who was a member of the biology club, came and took them away. Thanks.

Apparently, they were collecting creatures found during the pool cleaning for a presentation at the school festival. The girls found you disgusting but I’m rooting for you. Good luck. I don’t know your name but I know you’re from the biology club!

「Hey, let’s play some curling using the deck brush since we’re almost done.」

I looked around and saw a group of people near the entrance doing it. I threw a scrubber in the place where water is flowing because of a hose. I’m also holding a brush that I’ll throw to it. I don’t know if it will slide but it looks fun.


Mei and Wakamiya-san also decided to try it together but the result was not expected. They were not sliding as smoothly as expected.

「This won’t work.」

「Let’s play hockey then.」

What do you mean “then”? Maa, hockey would be easier and probably more fun too.

「I never thought that there will come a day where I’ll use this line.」

The others are ready to play and have even drawn the lines to determine the range. Where did Ashi-san and the others get their brush from?

「Let’s get it on!」

“Yeah!” They all replied to Shinozaki. Everyone is so energetic under this hot weather. Maa, I’m going to play too.


After playing for a while, Shinozaki hit the scrubber hard. That’s not a problem because that is already expected and it’s even common. However, the flying scrubber hit and knocked a bucket of water.

To add to the misfortune, there was a person who was splashed by the bucket of water. She became really wet. Miyano-sensei, are you okay? Is your makeup coming off? Also, your shirt is kind of…

「I was going to allow you to have a little fun. But not like this.」

She seems to be very upset. I did not suffer any physical damage but I was scolded incessantly and was required to write a reflection paper during the lunch break. It’s a pain. By the way, while she was scolding me, I almost said “Sensei, I think your underwear is a little too revealing.”.

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