Chapter 67 – Alchemy nano desu

「Sorry! I’m very sorry!」

Cornelia, who had come to eat curry, awkwardly bowed to us.

「Oi oi, what do you mean?」

「Can you please stop the hand-riding rabbits….. from overhunting?」


「As I told you before, the forest of no return is the home of high-ranking monsters.」

「Yeah, you did.」

「In other words, it’s a treasure trove of material resources.」

「Maa, they sold a lot as if they are rip off….those high-rank monsters’ bones and furs are pretty expensive but can be sold easily.」

「And those materials are my….pocket money….」

「They are also the lifeblood of this house.」

Well, we can really go on without them if we won’t buy sake…..but sake in this world is terrible.

Recently, everyone’s tongues have become too fat that they can no longer drink elves or dwarves’ sake.

—-a really bad trend.

I knew a family that used to love 100 yen conveyor belt sushi but the moment they won the lottery, they only went to high-class conveyor belt sushi.

Maa, they don’t even eat somewhere where sushi’s not moving….

Anyway, there’s no doubt that all the females of this family have become gourmet.

「What are you trying to say, Cornelia?」

「Demon beasts actually reproduced every year or two, however, if they are hunted like crazy like what you’ve been doing….」

「They won’t be able to reproduce….is that right?」

「Yeah. The demon beasts will be extinct in a few years at this rate.」

「That would be a major problem if that were to happen.」

Profits are rising from the sale of sugar from sugar beets.

It has been going up up and away.

That would have been enough for our daily lives but—

—that zenigeba god’s rate is just a rip-off.

With only sugar, we wouldn’t be able to afford seasonings let alone alcohol.

After all, the rate is….one gold coin should be 10000 yen in this world but if it is converted to buy Japanese products, it is only equivalent to 1 yen.

In other words, 10000 yen’s worth here in this world is 1 yen. 1 million yen is worth 100 yen. That’s the real problem.

「I understand. I’ll do something about it, Cornelia.」

「Okay. I’m not telling you to not hunt…I only ask you to refrain.」

After seeing Cornelia off, I now have something to worry about. I can only ask myself “What should I do…”.

「Tatsuya-san? What’s the matter? Why are you fiddling with your smartphone? You usually take a nap at this time, right?」

Mayu, who was doing accounting, asked me, who was lying on the sofa, after my break from my farm work.

「Some stuff happened.」

「Ah, is it about money shortage?」

「I’ve been thinking about it—how about I do some alchemy?」

「Hnn? Alchemy? On earth….alchemy has been denied by science so it shouldn’t work in this world too, right? It may have been useful as a cornerstone of the development of chemistry but, can you actually make gold using it?」

Then, I showed Mayu the search screen on my phone.

When Mayu looked at my screen, she was a little bit confused at first but….she smiled when she saw through my intentions.

「Right….that’s definitely alchemy.」

「I know right?」

And so, I headed to Katia, the dwarf who’s in charge of building our house.

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